Rian Johnson Teases That Knives Out 3 Will be Different

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Rian Johnson teases that Knives Out 3 will be different from the first two movies. Plenty of fans are already anticipating what the third movie is going to bring. The reactions to Knives Out and Glass Onion are great enough that it’s easy to believe that Johnson will strike it big again. 

However, it does feel that using Benoit Blanc as a super-sleuth is bound to backfire. Daniel Craig’s acting isn’t an issue. In fact, acting isn’t the issue at all. It’s the idea that Blanc’s detractors wouldn’t come around for revenge at one point. 

Creating a different movie each time is a great goal. It shows development, forward thinking, and a desire to keep certain elements but use them in different ways. This is where Johnson excels since he loves this genre and is able to write it. There are challenges to meet, however. 

The first and second movies were great in their own way. However, a third movie needs to present a new case and a new challenge for Blanc. Johnson shows how Blanc is exceedingly intelligent but also how he is limited in certain ways. On the other hand, the people he’s up against are not nearly as intelligent. 

Knives Out

credit: Knives Out

Blanc requires a real challenge

Benoit Blanc is an interesting character that is highly intelligent. Strangely though, he can’t dumb down his intellect that well. He runs at one speed and is usually able to outthink many people. But it is interesting to think that he isn’t a fully-rounded detective. 

This character flaw makes him easier to relate to, that’s certain. In this manner, he is easier to see as a regular human being instead of Sherlock Holmes reborn. The use of his intellect is impressive, but it’s interesting to think what he might do against someone who is of similar intelligence. 

Someone who could match skills with Blanc could easily vie for control of this movie and to control the narrative. Giving Blanc someone to match wits with could elevate this movie in a very effective manner. Great protagonists kind of need a great antagonist, and so far, the two villains he’s faced aren’t horrible, but they’re not on his level. 

Holmes had Moriarty, Benoit needs someone who can take him to the limit.

Maybe Knives Out 3 can go darker

It’s definitely possible to go darker with another story and retain the humor that people enjoy. Creating a challenge to face is not just necessary for Blanc. The last two movies have kept people guessing who was guilty. But there’s been a playful and loose feeling to each story. 

Allowing for a bit of darker humor to enter the third movie could up the stakes a little and keep people on their toes. Perhaps Blanc can have a personal stake in the story. Something needs to happen that will make the audience gasp in anticipation and shock. 

The whodunit element of these movies is fun and great. But it still feels like a game, meaning that there’s no true threat. Johnson has already stated that the third movie will be different. Now it’s time to prove it. 

Glass Onion cast

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The next movie needs an equally impressive cast

Both movies have featured a great cast, and the third needs this element present as well. The recognizable faces help a lot of audience members to invest in the movie in a personal way. Using the favorite actors of so many is a great way to gain the attention of the audience. 

But trying to figure out who will serve the story and who will work best together is tough. Johnson has caught a great deal of flak for a couple of his projects, but the Knives Out movies have met with a great deal of fan approval. A great cast can help this to happen. 

It does feel that using a few of the same cast members in different roles would prove interesting. But it doesn’t sound as though such a move is part of the plan. At least that doesn’t sound like something that Johnson would do. 

Whatever happens, it’s fair to think that Johnson will endeavor to create another entertaining story starring Daniel Craig. 

At some point, the villain needs to outmaneuver Blanc

It’s fun to watch Blanc work, as many fans would agree. But at some point, it does feel as though an antagonist should find a way to confound the famous detective. Setting up Blanc as the guy that can figure out just about anything is great. 

But the story does need an enemy that isn’t a dunce trying to appear intelligent. This goes toward giving Blanc a real challenge as well. Making Blanc reach his limits of understanding sounds like a good idea, especially since it could unveil just how good he really is. 

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