RHOBH Recap: Kyle Richards Responds to Her Sister’s Threats to Ruin Her Life

RHOBH Recap: Kyle Richards Responds to Her Sister’s Threats to Ruin Her Life
RHOBH Recap: Kyle Richards Responds to Her Sister’s Threats to Ruin Her Life

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The latest RHOBH recap is a lot to take in, so we will focus on one thing that stood out to us. Kathy Hilton is one of the newest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. We say that because she is not one of the original wives like her sister, Kyle Richards. The lovely Kathy Hilton is the woman everyone loves to adore. She’s wealthy as can be, her daughter is one of the most famous women in the world, and her husband’s family owns the Hilton Hotel empire. She’s doing quite well in life and certainly does not need to be part of a reality show, but every RHOBH recap reminds us that she’s so much fun. Until this one, however.

Are Kyle and Kathy Fighting? RHOBH Recap News

It seems that the sisters are having a moment right now. It’s not uncommon for the Richards family to have their issues. We know that Kyle and her other sister, Kim, have had their differences. Kim was part of the show for many years and was clearly in need of help more than once. Her sister was there for her, but things did not always go well. The two fought a lot and had their ups and downs. But, it was the moment that Lisa Rinna told her friend that Kathy said she would destroy her sister that Kyle Richards was a little upset.

When Kathy wanted to speak to Lisa Rinna, it made Kyle feel so uncomfortable. She wasn’t sure she wanted to be there as the two women fought about what was said and what was not said. And she had a lot of feelings about it. “I was thinking, ‘I almost don’t think I want to know anymore. I can’t hear.’ So I never even pushed to ask because I didn’t want to get my feelings hurt. At that point, I was very quiet and let them have their conversation, and I just thought, ‘Go, this is messy now,’” she said of the incident.

RHOBH Recap: Kyle Richards Responds to Her Sister’s Threats to Ruin Her Life

Credit: @kylerichards18

What Did Kathy Hilton Say?

Kathy Hilton had a total meltdown. She was in Aspen at a club with the women when the DJ would not play the Michael Jackson song she wanted to hear. At that moment, she let it go in front of Lisa Rinna, and she didn’t hold back. According to Rinna, some of the horrible things said were about Kathy’s family. It’s not a secret that the sisters have had their ups and downs throughout the years, but this was a big deal. “It’s a barrage of ‘I can’t f***ing believe that I have to be around you f***ing peons! I don’t like them. Why do I have to be with them? They need to go away. They’re idiots. I have to do everything around here. This is my show, by the way, I have big deals over at NBC, everyone is protecting me, and I will f***ing ruin Kyle,” is what Lisa Rinna repeated to the women when she shared what happened.

Did Kathy Apologize?

She did apologize, but Kyle is not convinced that her sister was not sincere. She wants to believe that she meant it when she said she was sorry, but she feels that Kathy felt obligated to apologize to her. While it sounded good at the moment, Kyle could not help but wonder if her sister meant anything she said or if she merely said it so that she could get it done with and over with.

“I never imagined being in this situation with my sister Kathy. When she joined the show, I was the one saying, ‘My sister Kathy should come on the show. She’s funny. We’ve made up. I think it could be great,” said Kyle. She wanted her sister to be part of the show. She didn’t think she would be in a situation where she’d be unsure of her sister’s feelings and her meaning. She is not happy right now, but we don’t know how she will handle it. This is the most recent RHOBH recap following this fight, and it will continue to play out shortly.

RHOBH Recap: Kyle Richards Responds to Her Sister’s Threats to Ruin Her Life

Credit: @kathyhilton

As for how they feel right now, we don’t know. Watching this back cannot be easy for either of them. Whether they decided they would move on, watching this back and seeing what they say about one another or their feelings during the confessionals is not easy. Reliving something of this magnitude cannot be easy, either. These two have a lot of ground to cover right now, but we will be back with more.

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