10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Neighborhood Wars”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Neighborhood Wars”

Whether you live in a huge apartment building in the city or a single-family home in the suburbs, having a good relationship with your neighbors can make life a lot easier. Unfortunately, however, things don’t always go that way. Sometimes, the smallest differences can cause neighbors to be at odds. This is something A&E explores in their series Neighborhood Wars. The show tells stories about relationships with neighbors that went completely left due to differences and/or disagreements. The sad reality is that sometimes things can escalate in the blink of an eye, and one wrong decision can impact an entire neighborhood. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Neighborhood Wars.

1. The Show Uses Real Footage

Instead of relying on reenactments, Neighborhood Wars uses actual footage recorded from the incidents. Some of the footage was recorded directly by those involved while other videos were captured by onlookers. The series also incorporates interviews with people who were involved as well as witnesses.

2. The Show Doesn’t Only Highlight The Bad Times

Even though the show is called Neighborhood Wars and focuses mostly on altercations, the show doesn’t only focus on neighbors who are at odds. According to the show’s official description, there will also be situations that display the “kindness” that is often shared between neighbors.

3. Some Situations Escalate Quicker Than You Can Imagine

There are some feuds between neighbors that can brew for years before anyone decides to take things further. However, there are also situations that seem to erupt out of nowhere. During Neighborhood Wars, some viewers will be surprised by how quickly things can get out of hand.

4. The Show’s Future Is Uncertain

Neighborhood Wars is still fairly early in its first season, but at the moment it’s unclear if there will be another one. The series has not yet been renewed but this isn’t necessarily a red flag. The network likely wants to take a closer look at the ratings before making an official decision. In the meantime, fans will just have to sit tight and hope for the best.

5. There Will Be Some Physical Confrontations

In some people’s minds, getting into a physical fight is out of the question. However, the truth is that people never know what they’re capable of until they find themselves in a situation where they feel like their back is against the wall. In Neighborhood Wars, viewers will see some of these confrontations because violent and authorities will have to get involved. It’s unclear if any of the situations featured on the show have resulted in death.

6. You Can’t Follow The Show On Social Media

Social media has become a great way for shows to share special clips and behind-the-scenes footage. Unfortunately, though, Neighborhood Wars doesn’t have any social media profiles. This could change if the show proves to be a success, but for now, viewers will have to follow A&E’s pages for information about the show. Additionally, clips from the show are available on A&E’s YouTube channel.

7. Viewers Might Learn Some Valuable Lessons

If you’ve ever had an issue with a neighbor, you may have thought about taking things to the next level. By watching the show, you may get some insight into the best ways to handle any potential conflict between you and a neighbor. In many of these episodes, you’ll see that many of these confrontations simply aren’t worth it.

8. This Isn’t The Only Show About Conflicts Between Neighbors

Issues between neighbors is nothing new, and neither are shows about them. While this type of show appears to be a first for A&E, there is a similar series on Investigation Discover called Fear Thy Neighbor. Unlike Neighborhood Wars, Fear Thy Neighbor also uses reenactments to tell its stories. Additionally, Neighborhood Wars seems to be more focused on newer incidents while Fear The Neighbor covers a very wide range.

9. The Show Highlights Incidents In Different Parts Of The Country

Since Neighborhood Wars isn’t filmed the way that lots of other shows are, it isn’t locked into a specific geographic location. Although all of the stories appear to have taken place in the United States, the show doesn’t just focus on one part of the country. This allows people to see that things really can happen anywhere.

10. Some People’s Identities Have Been Hidden

If you tune into Neighborhood Wars, you’ll notice that some people’s faces have been blurred out in the footage. It’s unclear exactly why this is the case, but more than likely it has something to do with the laws surrounding filming people. However, having their faces obscured won’t impact any details about the stories.confrontations

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