Milana Vayntrub’s Top Five Television Roles of Her Career So Far

You probably know Milana Vayntrub’s face from the AT&T commercials more than anything at this point since she’s made a big impact as Lily the salesperson, but the Uzbekistan-born actress has done a lot more with her career than commercials at this point and has been seen in a different shows as well as movies. Her roles on TV are usually quite different than the perky and upbeat individual she plays for AT&T, but she almost always has the same kind of look that you’ve grown used to.

Almost, but not always.

5. Californication – Bad Actress

You’ve got to wonder just how hard it is to really pretend to be a bad actor when that’s what the part calls for. It’s almost like listening to an audition for an adult movie really since that’s how bad her dialogue is supposed to sound. But thankfully Milana is a rather good actress and can pull it off without any trouble. It’s kind of an odd thing to do in a show but it does make sense when it’s applied to the story.

4. House of Lies – Christy

It’s amazing that there are still guys out there that will try this kind of thing but there are. This manner of doing things on a plane is probably not as realistic since both guys would have flight attendants telling them to sit down whether it was first class or not. Getting up and walking around on an airplane is just not the best idea since it’s not like you’re riding a mobile palace through the sky.

3. The Clandestine – Anna

This has to be one of the worst motorcycle gangs that’s ever been conceived. The name doesn’t even seem to match because they’re anything but clandestine, as that generally means something done in secret. The illicit part is definitely correct, but there’s almost nothing secretive about this group since they tend to bungle and shout their way through just about anything and don’t seem to own a single gun.

2. Silicon Valley – Tara

If you could put up with the guys that are on this show then you deserve an award of some sort. In real life they might be great guys but on the show they’re just a walking train wreck waiting to happen it seems like. A lot of folks like this show because it does provide some sense of comedy and a look into the different ways that each character approaches their very different lives, but in some sense the show is just a giant culture clash.

1. Key & Peele – Vampire

Before they went their separate ways Key and Peele were definitely into doing some strange humor and entertaining people in odd ways. A lot of people managed to get this sense of humor though and thoroughly enjoyed it. The thing about humor however is that you really need to know what direction it’s going in and just where it’s supposed to be funny so it doesn’t fall flat and have to be recovered at the expense of the joke.

See? She’s done a lot more than just commercials.  Her’s some additional info on her you might like:

5. She’s not a very tall woman.

You may or may not have seen this in the commercials since the angles and camera positions that were used could have hidden this. But Milana only stands about 5’3″, which isn’t amazingly short but it’s definitely shorter than many others. Women are just as diverse as men when it comes to height but anything under 5’4″ seems kind of on the diminutive side.

4. She’s from Uzbekistan.

She was born in Uzbekistan and then came to America with her family. It might really take some listening to her to see if she has any hint of an accent. In her acting it’s really difficult to tell since she has perfect diction and an accent is hard to detect if it’s even there. But it could be that she was quite young when coming to the US and picked up on the local accent very easily.

3. She’s 32 years old.

A lot of her looks, like so many actresses, could be due to makeup, but really and truly it seems that Milana takes great care of herself since she doesn’t look like she’s out of her 20’s yet. There’s no backhanded compliment there, she really does look like a younger woman no matter that she was born in 1987. There must be something she’s doing to stay looking this young or perhaps she just comes from a family where longevity is a common thing.

2. She acted in Mattel Barbie commercials

So honestly she’s no stranger to commercials. And if she acted in a Barbie commercial then it bears saying that has no fear of stepping in front of the camera anytime, any place. Barbie has been such a well known name for so long that being able to say you took part in even one of the commercials and nailed it is a big accomplishment that can’t just be brushed aside.

1. She once dated John Mayer.

The relationship only lasted for about a year but it was enough to say that she went out with a famous musician on her way to greater fame. Since then she’s been busy building her career and has been on TV and in movies attempting to get her face out there as much as possible and make sure that she has a future in the industry.

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