Remembering The Sun From The Masked Singer Season 4

Remembering The Sun From The Masked Singer Season 4

Remembering The Sun From The Masked Singer Season 4

During every season of The Masked Singer, there are a few contestants that leave an unforgettable impact on viewers. During season 4, The Sun, who was revealed as LeAnn Rimes, was one of those contestants. Every time she stepped on the stage, she made it clear that she came to shut it down. Not only did The Sun have a stunning costume, but she also proved to have a beautiful voice. So beautiful in fact, that she became the season’s winner which made her the second female singer to win the United States version of the show. With a place permanently etched in Masked Singer history, The Sun is one of those contestants people will continue to talk about for years to come. Keep reading to learn about The Sun’s journey during season 4 of The Masked Singer.

The Sun’s Costume

Looking at all of the creative costumes is one of the best things about watching The Masked Singer. It’s clear that lots of time, effort, and creativity goes into putting together and executing these designs. LeAnn played an important role in selecting her costume and making sure that it looked exactly how she wanted it to. The end result was stunning to say the least. The Sun’s costume was a beautiful gold dress with a large gold mask resembling the sun. Although the costume was great to look at, Rimes shared that it wasn’t exactly the most comfortable thing she’d ever worn. During an interview with People, LeAnn said:

“The costume is heavy and as a singer, I have to have my airway open to be able to perform these songs, especially the ones that I chose. We adjusted the costume like a gazillion times to make sure I had what I needed to be able to perform. But even still, the weight of everything was heavy. I would go home every night and I would be so sore…The costume I chose was very specific because I really feel like it connects with the messaging and music that I’m bringing out into the world, the messaging of hope and possibility and love that’s coming through my Chant album at this moment.”

The Sun’s Most Memorable Performance

As the winner of the show, it goes without saying that The Sun had a string of impressive performances. However, her cover of “When The Party is Over” by Billie Eilish was arguably her most memorable. Her version of the song brought tears to the eyes of viewers and judges. On top of that, it made The Sun the first contestant in the United States version of the show to sing acapella. The level of emotion and control in her voice were a testament to her talent and the years of hard work that LeAnn has put into her craft. I think it’s safe to say that the only thing wrong with this performance is that it should’ve been longer. Interestingly enough, however, her performance on The Masked Singer wasn’t the first time she performed Eilish’s song. LeAnn had previously uploaded a video of herself singing “When the Party is Over” on YouTube, but she removed it during her time on the show to make it less obvious that she was The Sun.

How LeAnn Rimes Felt About Winning The Show

LeAnn Rimes has been in the music industry for most of her life, but doing something like The Masked Singer was still a first for her. Because of her unique voice, it didn’t take viewers long to guess that she was the person behind the costume, but she made a conscious decision not to disguise her voice. Instead, she went all in and did what she does best which is put on incredible performances. Not only did she have a great time on the show, but the experience proved to be more than she bargained for in the best ways possible. She told People, “I didn’t expect such an emotional journey from The Masked Singer. The whole show surprised me. I had only seen clips of the show before I signed on to do it, and I didn’t expect the emotion and creativity. There was truly a deep thought process that went into being the Sun and creating the Sun, and the songs that I was performing. So it felt fantastic to win after the rollercoaster of being a part of all of that creativity.” With the win under her belt, fans are excited to hear more from LeAnn. She is currently working on an album called God’s Work which is slated to be released in 2022.Billie Eilish

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