Five Things You Didn’t Know About “Devil’s Canyon”

Five Things You Didn’t Know About “Devil’s Canyon”

The Discovery Channel has brought us documentaries depicting real jobs that are dangerous and cutthroat. We’ve seen this in “Deadliest Catch”, “Gold Rush” and “Alaskan Bush People” among other Discovery reality series. This season we’re introduced to a series similar to “Gold Rush” but taken to the extreme. “Devil’s Canyon” follows 3 gold prospectors as they pan for treasure in British Columbia’s Devil’s Canyon.

Devil’s Canyon is thought to be one of the largest creek side gold deposits known to man. The problem is that it is barely reachable because of the terrain, weather and wild animals. Big mining companies certainly can’t get in to explore the area. The Discovery Channel’s “Devil’s Canyon” shows the journey of 3 prospectors willing to take the risk and travel to the area with just a backpack and what they can carry. Of course, their time is limited because winter is coming. “Devil’s Canyon” premiered this month.

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about “Devil’s Canyon”.

They really are “extreme” prospectors

Devil’s Canyon is located deep in the heart of British Columbia’s most difficult terrain. The area is filled with dangerous wild animals including black bears, grizzly bears and mountain lions. The terrain is rough and isolated. The area is prone to quick and strong storms. Within the canyon is a creek bed filled with possibly millions of dollars in gold that has yet to be prospected. There is no way to get large equipment into the region so those seeking gold must make the trek on foot. Men have died trying. While the prospectors strive to reach their goal of finding gold mines, they must also survive the dangers that they face. There is also just 6 weeks of prime time when the creek bed is low and before the most treacherous storms arrive. This is truly a realty documentary of man vs nature.

They really are on their own

Most reality shows have multiple camera, crew and producers present to document and guide the cast members. “Devil’s Canyon” does not. It would be impossible for a camera crew to follow the prospectors into the wilderness on their expedition. The 3 men who appear in “Devil’s Canyon” are each on their own. Each prospector must carry their own supplies in a back pack that weighs more than 100 pounds. Each has a history of gold prospecting and each is up for the challenge. They are left with small cameras to document the journey themselves. We watch as they struggle to find a good safe place to set up their base camp and start fires in the wind and rain. The men agree that one of the most difficult parts of the journey is being apart from loved ones for so long, the loneliness and the anxiety.

Boyce Goff

Extreme prospector Boyce Goff is a 44 year old hospital security guard. He also has a dream of finding enough gold to take care of his family for life. Goff has long been interested in mining and has traveled across the North America chasing his dream in some of the roughest areas of the continent. He is up for the challenge of Devil’s Canyon and hopeful to find his big break. He is no stranger to the outdoors.

Ben Van der Valk

Ben Van der Valk is a 34 year horse farrier who has chased his dream of striking gold for more than 12 years. He remembers panning for gold with his brother as a kid. He has been prospecting for gold ever since. An avid outdoorsman, Van der Valk chose to carry little food with him in his backpack and opted for survival supplies instead. He hopes to live off the land during his quest for gold. Van der Valk has already expressed his loneliness and how he misses home, his girlfriend and his dog.

Jack Belchick

Jack Belchick doesn’t appear on “Devil’s Canyon” until the second episode. Thee 68 year old former marine is a tough outdoorsman who is not afraid to fight the elements. Belchick has always loved adventure. He has been mining for gold for years and hopes to hit his goal in the dangerous environment of Devil’s Canyon.

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