Remembering Betty White: Famous Actress was 99

Legends are made quite often in Hollywood, but it’s a sad day when any of them pass away, and it’s a sad day to state that one of the greatest, Betty White, has died just weeks away from what would have been her 100th birthday. Many upon many people were hoping to see Betty White celebrate her special day, but plans tend to change when it comes to what anyone expects. It’s fair to state that a lot of people are going to be paying their respects and possibly crying their eyes out over White, and it’s right that they do so considering that she was a legend in her own time and in the modern era. This woman has been amazing for the majority of her career, and for those of us that managed to start following her during her time on The Golden Girls, it’s been a lot of fun to watch just about everything she’s done over the years. Her time as Rose is one of the earliest memories that many of us born in the 70s and upward can recall no doubt, but many folks would likely have different memories that they would want to share. 

There are many great memories that Betty White contributed to and made her own over the years, as the role of Rose on The Golden Girls was one of the most iconic since the character was so wonderfully ditzy at times that a lot of people that are easily taken in by a role might have thought that this was White’s default mode. The truth is that she’s been a rather witty and intelligent comedian and actor for a long time, and the part of Rose was kind of a dumbing down of her intellect at times, but it played out so well with the rest of the cast that trying to find fault with the act was close to impossible to criticize. 

But apart from being funny, Betty was able to take on roles that were both comical as well as dramatic on many occasions. Humor was definitely one of her greatest strengths since even when not playing a role, she was capable of matching wits with some of the funniest individuals in the world. One of the most memorable roles came during a movie titled Lake Placid, in which Betty played an old woman that lived on a lake that was home to a massive, man-eating crocodile that she’d been feeding for years. Not only did she feed the creature, but she was also fully supportive of it eating people that messed around with the lake. When confronted by law enforcement agents from two different agencies she made it clear that she hoped that the crocodile prevailed, and her delivery was on point with each line. This kind of went to show that like always, White could deliver when she needed to and was a dependable actress that hadn’t lost anything with age when it came to her acting ability. Those that might have wondered if she would make it this far, myself included, are no doubt grateful that they had the chance to see her perform more than once since she’s been an absolute joy for so many years. 

Another good memory comes from the movie The Proposal in which White was a supporting actress with several others as Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock were the main leads. As Grandma Annie, White was hilarious. She was a quirky old woman that had a few odd ways that she followed in a manner that was both comical and fun to watch since she went about her role with such a positive attitude that it was impossible not to like her. Throughout her long and impressive career, Betty took on more roles than are easy to count, but one thing has always been obvious, she’s been one of the most beloved celebrities of all time for one reason or another. People might not want to admit it, but her passing was an inevitability at this point, since many have wondered for a while when the day would come, and many have been hoping it wouldn’t be for a while yet. 

But things happen, the world keeps turning, and we mourn those that are lost before moving on. We remember them fondly, particularly if they meant something to so many, and we share the good times that came thanks to their hard work and a continual need to keep people happy. Betty White was many things to many people, and because of this, she’s been a massive inspiration for many, many years to the entertainment industry at large. It’s with a heavy heart that a lot of people are going to be saying their goodbyes into the new year, but it’s also likely that many will share the best memories they have of her. Rest in peace ma’am, you’ll be remembered, and missed. 

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