Why Everything’s Gonna Be Okay Was Cancelled at Freeform

Why Everything’s Gonna Be Okay Was Cancelled at Freeform

It’s a bit ironic that a show titled Everything’s Gonna Be Okay is anything but since it’s being canceled after two seasons. It does sound as though the lead star, Josh Thomas, isn’t too broken up about this and is already working on several other projects, but there’s been a rash of cancelations lately that some might think is indicative of, well, something. The truth is that TV shows get canceled on a fairly regular basis a lot of times and per year one can probably lose count of ideas that manage to film a pilot but don’t go any further. If a person were pressed to think of all the shows that had come and gone over the years it’s easy to think that no one would be able to list them all off of the top of their heads. Even a group forum wouldn’t be able to list every single one of them since there are plenty of shows that are there and gone before anyone can form a strong enough memory of them to keep the said show in mind.

The fact that this show lasted two seasons is fortunate but as it goes with a lot of programs there has to be a continued interest in keeping it going since otherwise it might as well be a limited series that had a chance to be something but didn’t generate enough of a fanbase. Plenty of people would argue with that to no end, but the truth of it is that many shows come on the air and fail to really stir any kind of emotion or even gain the level of interest that a short film might. It does sound as though Josh was in agreement about the cancelation even though it’s likely that he might have kept the show going if given a chance. A lot of people say a lot of different things when it comes to a cancelation, and it’s fair to think that the response might not be quite as peaceful or as accepting until it’s being reported on by one site or another.

But while ranting and raving on a popular show might be a thing, reacting in such a manner over a show that’s been canceled is a bit silly to be certain, even if it’s likely to be a primary reaction by some people. For all intents and purposes though it does sound as though the show reached the end of the line and Josh Thomas simply agreed that it wasn’t going any further. There’s regret, that’s to be expected, and there’s likely a bit of anger and perhaps even confusion that went on when it was first announced, but apart from that it does sound as though Thomas is simply rolling with it and doing what he can to keep moving forward, which is usually a better option than most. Those that can take the hits that show business is bound to deal out now and then and keep rolling with them are one step ahead of the game since they don’t let anything faze them so badly that it makes them give in and quit.

One thing about show business that’s become apparent to a lot of people, even those who aren’t a part of it, is that it’s not a particularly kind business to those that can’t find a way to adapt and roll with the punches that are bound to come. Shows get canceled fairly often during a regular year and other shows are promoted while some just get ignored without fail. Josh has already stated that he has plenty of other ideas that he’s trying to push and his hustle might mean the difference between obscurity and sticking around. It’s a hope of course that he’ll find another project that will be able to work for more than a couple of seasons and it’s definitely possible since two seasons is enough to see how well someone can do and that they might have a future that’s bound to get better and better if they can bring something to the table that people will want to keep around. Shows tend to end every now and then, it’s a pretty normal part of the business.

At this time it’s not really certain what else Josh is working on but it’s a safe bet that it will be something that plays to his strengths and will be another show that will probably showcase much of the same material that he’s given in his current show. Quite often a person will find their groove and stick with it for as long as they possibly can, though it’s always possible that things will change just enough that the next show will be different in a lot of ways that are easy to see.TV shows get canceled

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