Relax by Watching 2 Hours of Ambient 4K Antarctica Footage

There are so many cliches to throw out when watching this footage that it’s hard to even remember them all, but tranquility, peace, harmony, majestic, and many more are all words that could easily be used with this footage. But looking at the sheer magnificence of it all does give one a sense of inner peace, and of how insanely cold it must be there. It also brings to mind several arguments that many people have made about melting ice caps, global warming, and the constant fear that the world might be covered in water at one point. The interesting thing is that the last argument is kind of ridiculous given that if the ice caps did melt, the sea level would definitely rise a bit, but we wouldn’t be looking at a situation in which our planet would turn into Waterworld. Those that are crying the loudest over global warming obviously don’t look at every bit of footage they can and are likely listening to those that are spewing doom and gloom on a constant basis, but like it or not, human beings have the power to affect such an area, but the hope is that we’ll continue practicing the wisdom of not using it. Notice, I said ‘affect’ not ‘utterly destroy’ since whether humans came in burning and raging with every ounce of destructive power we could, this world would still be here in one form or another. The immensity of Antarctica is more than one individual can take in all on their own, at least in a comprehensive manner, as there are bound to be mysteries and untold stories of this place that we haven’t even the slightest grasp of or even the first idea of where to look.

It’s very easy to be envious of those that have been to such a place where the wilderness remains virtually untouched, a location on this world where humanity hasn’t ruined the natural beauty of it yet. It’s hard to imagine that one day such a thing might happen, but living within the vast sprawl that is humanity it’s harder still to think that it won’t since no matter how many of us wish to leave this world as it is and simply appreciate the beauty that remains, there are more that see wasted opportunity and resources that we have yet to tap. That kind of thinking is sad to even contemplate sometimes, but it’s also the progress that people speak of so highly, the ability to take what we see and make it work for us. This however is a land that needs to be kept as it is, as much as possible, no matter that humans, on the whole, don’t have a great track record of doing this. It’s also funny however to think of something that has come up over the years but is still able to get many people to laugh. Sadly it’s at the expense of other individuals, but it would still be interesting to show the argumentative flat earthers, or even the entire Flat Earth Society, the futility of think that our world is surrounded by a giant ice wall that marks the border of their fantastical view of this strange world we call home. Yes, it’s a bit of fun to poke at them, but looking at the breaks in the glaciers and thinking of how disappointed, or how stoic the FES would be when someone pointed out that the ‘ice wall’ did not in fact encompass the perimeter of the earth as in their models would be kind of satisfying.

Apart from that, enjoying this 2-hour clip is pretty easy since it is nice and relaxing and yes, it can put a person to sleep since between the sights and the music it’s calm enough to soothe a person so completely that you might be feeling your eyelids droop even now in total relaxation. But then again, the sight of penguins and seals might bring you back out of pure interest, and the sight of whales beneath the crystalline surface of the water would only heighten that feeling. Every part of this world is magical in its own way when a person lets go and allows the wonders that our home can show us to be revealed. That might sound a bit too poetic or even a bit corny, but oh well. Slowing down, sitting down, and shutting up sometimes is the best way to go about life since it allows us to witness the many things this world can show us, and how truly small we are when compared to just one sight that can be viewed. Remembering that we’re important in some minuscule way, and then realizing our importance does extend in some unknown manner to the world around us, is just one reason why it’s easy to appreciate sights such as this.

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