The Real Housewives of D.C. Reunion Pt. 2 Review

The Real Housewives of D.C. Reunion Pt. 2 Review

Oh. My. God.

Never in my entire life have I laughed so damn hard to the point that I turned pink. I’m dark, brown skinned and I still managed to come out looking pink while watching this reunion. Has there ever been anyone as delusional as Michaele and Tareq Salahi? These two make NY Housewife Kelly Killoren Bensimon and ex-New Jersey Housewife Danielle Staub look sane. Sane, people! That is a bigger feat than climbing Mt. Everest in nothing but a speedo/thong without freezing your ass off!

The second part of the Real Housewives of D.C. reunion amped up the asinine display that is The Salahis, whose antics during and off season dominated the hour and raised the ire of the other Housewives, the Husbands, and even Andy Cohen himself to a whole new level. I’m still over here giggling…

The word of the night? Deny. Deny, deny, deny. The Salahis dodged questions like Neo dodged bullets in “The Matrix”, except The Salahis are not as deft and skilled at evading the constant barrage of questions thrown at them tonight. Most of those questions came from Andy himself (not his guide cards), who was just as frustrated by the end of the night as any sane, rational person would be.

From The Paul Wharton Birthday Party Snafu to the White House Gate Crashes incident, the Salahis plead the 5th by denying any wrongdoing and calling other people liars after reading their statements pertaining to certain events. The “evidence” they gave Andy and the other Housewives as proof of their vindication was just as laughable as when the couple is faced with reality. Lynda nearly came to tears at the craziness of it all, which goes to show how out of this world these two characters are.

Another crazy tidbit we learned was that the Salahis filmed their audition tape at this insanely huge mansion, which Cat and Mary claimed was borrowed for the shoot. The Salahis denied this, but at this point, can we really take their word for anything ever? Stacie also fell off the fence with The Salahis and got in their ass pretty tough. She even got attacked by Michaele at one point, making me wonder how could she and Jason share a couch with these imbeciles. Even Andy got defensive when Tareq declared that the public became more infatuated with him and Michaele after the media thought the White House Gatecrasher event was part of an audition tape to be on the show. I wished Andy had of gotten more defensive than he did, because that’s the second time the Salahis have implicated Bravo as having some ties to the controversial event. That’s not cool, and it sure as hell isn’t smart on the Salahi’s part.

Mary summed up her RHODC experience and the entire season by saying that they were “highjacked” by The Salahis. “You highjacked our show,” Mary declared to the Salahis, during one of the rare moments of silence during the entire hour. The sad thing about that statement is that while it is true, would we have even had a show without them? Now take that statement and apply it to a potential next season. Who will come back? Will the city of Washington, D.C. even acknowledge the Housewives after watching the first season? Will Bravo be dumb (or smart) enough to bring The Salahis back? To answer the latter question, I hope they don’t return back, only because what they did was a Federal offense and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Plus, if Andy’s reaction to Tareq’s claim of the White House incident being a stunt for a reality show was any indication, the Salahis are toast.

So now I ask you, Real Housewives fans. Would you watch a second season of The Real Housewives of D.C. with or without the Salahis? State your reasons.

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