The Real Housewives of D.C. 1.05 “Special Interests” Recap

The Real Housewives of D.C. 1.05 “Special Interests” Recap

It’s been two weeks since we saw a new Real Housewives of D.C. episode, and we left the Salahis’ winery with Mary trapped in the Michaele’s spiderweb, where Tareq was about to attack. What happened? Well let’s find out…

The Accusation

When we return to the the dinner at Oasis Winery, Tareq drops a bombshell by implicating Mary’s daughter Lolly being involved with the theft of a car of his and some polo gear, which was posted on Lolly’s Facebook page. Wait, a minute. WHAT!?!?! Then Tareq gets really outrageous with it by saying that the FBI is involved and were the ones who told him this info, plus that the FBI has been monitoring Lolly’s emails and such for months. Have you blinked yet?

Mary is a block of stone, since she doesn’t know what to say to something so heinous. Thankfully, Stacie and Jason do not hold their tongue, pretty much telling Tareq how ludicrous and inane the whole story sounds, especially since he’s whining about polo gear and a car. The Salahis’ response? The charity they run has been hurt by Lolly’s alleged actions. Wow… The whole entire time Tareq is making these wild and terribly serious claims, he does not draw up any evidence nor does he have any true source for backup to his story. Jason and Stace are highly disgusted and tell the Salahis’ that they have no clue what Mary is going through since they don’t have any kids to worry about. Tareq pretty much says screw Lolly, he wants his stuff back. And this guy wonders why his mom has given him hell and wants him off her property. Poor Mary is pretty much speechless, but gets up and leaves in tears.

On the way back home in the limo, Mary finally finds her voice and talks to the Turners about what just went down. Like good friends, they sit and listen mostly, sans making a few points here and there. One point Jason made was that Rich, Mary’s husband was not there to defend his daughter, which Jason thought was not cool at all. I think the Turners have finally been Salahi’ed, but at the cost of Mary’s family.

Lnyda: I Told You So…/Mary Gets To The Bottom of Things

Stacie meets with Lynda and Cat at a spa and fills them in on what happened with Mary. Lynda and Cat balk at the latest Salahi mess, but Lynda tells Stacie that she tried to tell them about Tareq’s true behavior. Stacie admits in her interview that she really didn’t know the Salahis’ as well as she thought she did.

Meanwhile, Mary and Rich talk with Lolly about what happened. Lolly claims that it’s not true and wants to beat Tareq’s ass for making Mary cry. Rich is livid, too, but not as much as Lolly is. Mary just wants to know why the hell Tareq would come up with something like that, but promises that she and Rich will be visiting the police station to see what the deal is. Rich later reports that he contacted the FBI and didn’t find anything with Lolly’s name attached to it within 100 miles of the alleged incident. In short, he and Mary believe that the Salahis’ made up the whole ordeal. Now that we have found this out, when will the ass whopping take place?

Meanwhile at a classy restaurant, Michaele talks with her assistant Jen, who was the one who basically called Cat a pretty bad name at the grape stomp event. They talk about Cat’s rude behavior before touching on the drama with Mary. After Michaele finishes her side of the story, Jen voices how stupid it is for Lolly to post something about a theft on Facebook. The ladies laugh and balk over this and I can’t help but think that either the Salahis’ are paying Jen really well or that she has been brainwashed through too many glasses of Salahi wine.

Cat and Edwina Rogers

Cat has lunch with Edwina Rogers, who scares the crap out of me for some reason. I think I know why, but still… Anyway. Cat begins her barrage on Edwina, who is a Republican lobbyist for healthcare, which Cat says is an “oxymoron.” When Cat says this, she receives a priceless look on Edwina’s face. Cat continues on, voicing her opinion on how healthcare is a human right, not a luxury, and in the process making Edwina visibly uncomfortable the entire time. Seriously, Edwina dropped about 100 hints to change the subject, but Cat continued to stomp on. Then the conversation turns to if Edwina voted for the McCain/Palin ticket (which she did) and if Cat will come to a party of Edwina’s soon that is about healthcare. The lunch ended with Cat getting one last dig in on the Republicans, calling them a “dying breed.” Wow…

Lynda Goes House Hunting/Stacie Gets Another Perspective on Her Mother

Lynda calls Stacie to ask for her expertise on the real estate market. When Lynda reveals that she will be moving to the suburbs in Virginia, Stacie is a little shocked that someone as hip as Lynda would run to the suburbs. Later on, Lynda and Ebong have dinner with Stacie and Jason and after joking about Lynda moving, Stacie ask Ebong about the location of Owerri, where her birth father is from. The conversation quickly turns to Stacie’s journey to find her birth parents, which Lynda sees a different side of when it comes to Stacie’s birth mother. Stacie sees where Lynda is trying to get at, but doesn’t buy that her birth mother actually ever wanted her. Lynda then says that she has experienced “reverse racism”, which gets equal “huh?” looks from Stacie, Jason, and Ebong, inducing me to howl like an idiot. Lynda ties everything back in with Stacie’s birth mother, still trying to get Stacie to see things from her mother’s eyes. I still don’t think Stacie bought it.

Meanwhile, Lynda does purchase a nice house in a nice community that her entire family can enjoy. I know I would love staying there…

Edwina’s Healthcare Party

On the night of the healthcare party, Stacie gets dressed with Jason, telling him to dress conservatively without being conservative. Cat, meanwhile, is looking for an outfit that will ruffle the feathers of every Republican in the room. Why? So that she can be barred from any Republican event from there on out. You just have to love Cat’s honesty, people.

Stacie and Jason discuss the fact that Michaele and Tareq will be at the party as well, but they don’t want to have to relive the drama at Oasis Winery.

Everyone arrives at the party, except Mary and Lynda for good reasons, and the Turners manage to still have fun with the Salahis’ despite the drama from earlier that week. But when Cat arrives dressed up like Sarah Palin, the room kind of turns cold. Meanwhile, I am over here dying at Cat’s knack for being bold and not giving damn afterwards, because she just rocks… at times. I’m sorry. Anyway, Cat brings out a catty nature in Michaele that doesn’t go unnoticed to Stacie. When everyone notices that Edwina isn’t there, a friend of the hostess just so happens to arrive to tell everyone that Edwina had to take care of an emergency. Unbeknownst to the guests, Edwina is being rolled out of the building on a stretched and to an ambulance. Wow.

But that’s not all. Cat sees Jen and confronts her about being considered mean at the vineyard. Jen claims that she meant that the comment was mean, not Cat herself. Cat doesn’t buy it one bit, but is shot down when Jen tells Cat that she’s taking everything way too seriously. Michaele walks into the convo and she and Cat throw a few jabs at each other until Cat walks off pissed. The whole exchange is hilarious and I can’t wait to see Cat loading up with ammo for Michaele after the Gatecrashing event.

So what did you guys think?

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