The Real Housewives of D.C. 1.01 “Welcome To The District” Recap

The Real Housewives of D.C. 1.01 “Welcome To The District” Recap

The Real Housewives of D.C. hit the airwaves Thursday and despite the setting being more prestigious in nature, drama made a much accepted appearance and let it’s presence be known big time. Did the ladies leave an impression on us? Or did they put some of us to sleep?

In Which We Meet The Ladies…

First up is Mary, who has five kids and has been married for over twenty years, which you can’t tell because she looks twenty herself. Next is Stacie who reveals the nickname of D.C., “Chocolate City”, something I have never heard of until this week. Anyway, she knows D.C. from the inside out, and she should since she is a real estate realtor for Southby’s and makes bank yearly. Clearly, a role model. Then we meet Lynda, who runs a prominent model agency, has three adult kids, and is dating a 6’5, young, black (African) man. Her motto about marriage? “It’s like having a fourth child and I already have three.” Gold.

Next, we meet the woman who made more waves before her first official appearance on the show, Michaele (Salahi), who is a mammoth ball of energy to the point that she draws side looks from just about anyone she comes in contact with. Finally, we meet Cat and her two daughters, Jade and Ruby, and they all just moved to D.C. two months before the show started taping.

Now that you have met the women, take a taste of some of their preliminary drama that was dropped on us tonight.

The Polo Club

Michaele is running around hugging everyone like a madwoman. The place is packed with big name people, but no one who will make a paparrazo break their neck to get a pic of them. Michaele runs into Paul Wharton and the two start talking and you can see that they go way back. Paul asks where is Lynda, who Michaele says wasn’t a sponsor to the event. She then says that Lynda didn’t buy a ticket either. Okay, so which one was it, Michaele? The real reason Lynda wasn’t there? Simple. Lynda didn’t want to come due to a bad experience earlier with the Salahis’, and called the Polo Club a “goat rodeo” that she has no intention of revisiting again. Damn!

Later, Cat shows up to see what Washington’s elite has to offer, but isn’t too impressed with either the Salahis’ event or the atmosphere itself. As much as many want to believe it was the former, I think at this point and time that it was probably the stuffy atmosphere.

Mary’s Birthday Party

Mary, Lynda and Lynda’s boyfriend, Ebong (not saying a word on this name) have drinks and discuss planning Mary’s birthday dinner. As Mary counts down the names to be invited, Lynda asks disdainfully if Michaele was coming. Mary can sense the irk factor coming from Lynda, but she, too, doesn’t really want to invite Michaele. Was there no love for this woman pre-Gatecrasher status?

Mary later has a change of heart and decides to invite Michaele anyway, but when Michaele arrives, Lynda rolls her eyes in dissension and tells the camera that it’s shocking that “second-tier” people were invited to this event. Wow. I’m going to love tis one… But the funny thing is that Lynda does chat cordially with Michaele, but says in her interview that she has known Michaele for 15 years and that out of the last six years, Michaele has changed due to Tareq, Michaele’s husband coming into the picture. She also talks about how small Michaele has gotten and thinks its not healthy. So, Lynda, are you a concerned friend or crap starting diva? I’ll still love you either way.

During the party, a pretty tipsy Mary tells Stacie and a black salon owner that with President Obama being in the White House, there is no need for salons to be segregated anymore. WHAT?!?!?!?!? I nearly choke on my Coke as this is said, but Stacie takes it like a champ cause she knows that Mary is DEEP in the bottle and probably doesn’t know what she is saying. Thank you, Stacie!

The Washingtonian Fashion Awards

Mary and her husband Rich get ready for the Washingtonian’s Fashion Awards, which has Rich listed as a trend-setter. When he walks out of his wardrobe room, I wonder how the word ‘trendsetter’ ever got applied to Rich’s name as he sports some ugly ass pants that I refuse to describe due to me having to relive that horror. When my brain tries to see how this is fashion, Mary tells us that she is close friends with one of the editors of the Washingtonian. Oh. That says everything.

When Mary and Rich get to the ceremony, they meet up with Lynda, who is also up for a Washingtonian Fashion Award. Now that makes more sense, people. After Lynda accepts her award, she and Paul Wharton have a chat about her absence from the Polo Club event. Lynda snarks that Paul knew she wasn’t going to show up at that mess, but she asks about Michaele and, most notably, Michaele’s weight, which Lynda says is so bad that she can count the bones in Michaele’s chest. Keep it up, Lynda. That’s three in a row! Paul doesn’t think it’s a problem, but Lynda insists that it is and its to the point of a ‘Come To Jesus Talk’, which she asks Paul to have with Michaele. Why didn’t you ask Michaele in private at Mary’s party, Lynda?

When Paul later talks with Micahale what the deal is, she promises him that she’s fine, her health is superb, and that she is eating. But she does find it odd for Lynda to keep tabs on her like that and wishes that her dear friend would mind her business.

Stacie’s Dinner Class

Stacie and her close friend Erika plan a dinner class with Chef Cheo, chef to celebrities like Janet Jackson, Tyra Banks, and others. Stacie decides to invite Cat and Mary to the event to give a nice balance of things. Everyone arrives and settles down and Cheo mentions that they will have saki while they cook, but Cat makes it known that she hates saki, brushing the other women the wrong way, although not too much.

That doesn’t mean that it didn’t set the mood for the night though.

As Cheo lists all the celebrities he’s cook for, Cat verbally turns her nose up when Tyra Bank’s name is mentioned and she does it in a way that offends the Stacie and the other black women that even Mary notices the tension getting thick. But while Stacie remains cordial, her resolve begins to melt when Cat starts comparing Bush (who she thinks is a class act as a gentleman) to Obama (who she was miffed at for not RSVPing her wedding). The ladies decide to agree to disagree, but not on a much cordial level. Stacie states that she is not a fan of Cat’s views, but that’s politics for you.

So what did you guys think? Should we give this show four more years or impeach it with the quickness?

Quick Bits

– When Cat’s husband Charles talks about his day with Joe Biden with Cat and her daughters, litle Ruby starts singing the theme from Deliverance. That child knows Deliverance?!?! Creepy much?

– Mary owns a closet that has a fingerprint recognition system to keep her daughter out. I bet all the other Housewives in Bravo history placed their orders by the end of that scene.

– Will the issue of “race” factor prominently in this show? Will people care or will they be offended?

I’m hooked, how about you?

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