10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rae Ripple

Netflix is always bringing something new to the table, and one of the shows they’ve given fans over the course of the past few years of becoming the massive streaming service they are now is, “Metal Shop Masters”. The show is all about, you guessed it, metal. Or, to be more precise, it’s about the makers and the do-ers and the exceptionally talented men and women who take metal and make something amazing out of it. Rae Ripple is one of those talented people who works well with metal and also wants to compete to be the best of the best (cash prizes are a bonus, we should add). She’s found her place in a highly specified niche, and the world is curious to know more about her as she stars on Netflix’s hit series.

1. She Did Not Have a Stable Upbringing

It’s difficult to look at our own children and realize that while they are well-cared for, loved, and living beautiful lives in which they thrive, not all children have the same experience. Rae Ripple was a child who did not have a stable upbringing. Both of her parents were addicted to drugs. It’s bad enough when one parent is an addict, but to grow up in a household where both parents suffer from addiction? What a heartbreaking story.

2. She’s a Survivor

If there is one thing we can ascertain about this woman, she is a survivor. Her childhood was far from easy, yet she managed to grow up, to forge her own path in a much more positive – much different – direction than the example she was raised with, and she does amazing things. She takes care of herself, she lives her life, and she seems to have a great head on her shoulders.

3. She Lived a Rough Life with Her Parents for 14 Years

For nearly 14 years of her life, she was with her parents. It’s unbelievable to know that a child was permitted to live with two drug addicts for so long, but she was failed in so many ways growing up. Before you feel sorry for her, though, remember that she did not follow in the footsteps of those around her, and she is thriving.

4. She is a High School Graduate

Despite leaving home at the age of 14 and going out on her own to try and make it, she still graduated high school. It is nearly unheard of for a child who had that type of life, that kind of aloneness on the streets without any adult supervision, to graduate high school and make something of herself, but she did.

5. She Attempted Suicide

Rae Ripple was not a happy child for many years. There was a time when she was over it, done, and didn’t see any point in living. She tried to take her own life, but she did not succeed. Thankfully, she was able to find something in her life that was worth living for.

6. She’s a Teen Mom

A child of drug addicts, a homeless teenager on the streets who tried to take her own life, and then a 17-year-old pregnant teen who took a job as a stripper? It’s the storyline of a heartbreaking movie, but this young woman had to do what she had to do to take care of her new daughter. She got a job working as a stripper after her baby was born, and she survived.

7. She Was Abused

After becoming pregnant with her second baby, she was also involved in an abusive relationship. We don’t know if this kind of abuse was physical, mental, emotional, or something else, but we know that Ripple’s difficulties were not yet over. She welcomed her second baby, she took control of her own life, and she decided she was not going to repeat any patterns from her own childhood.

8. She is Hugely Successful

At the age of 36, she is now a successful metal artist. She has a huge social media following, a successful business, and she is thriving. It was through odd jobs after her stripper days that she discovered her passion for welding, and that is where the world changed for her.

9. Don’t Tell her She Cannot do Something

Actually, do tell her she can’t do it. If you tell Ripple she cannot do something, she becomes more determined than ever to do it, to prove you wrong, and to make whatever it is a success. So, do her a favor, tell her she cannot, and watch her thrive. She will, and we hope she continues to take criticism and make it work for her.

10. She’s a Role Model

We tend to forget as people that not everyone’s life is a fairytale. We forget that no one and nothing is perfect, and we forget that it’s all right to look up to people who are imperfectly perfect, who went through trials and tribulations, and who overcame. She’s a role model, and she’s going places.

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