The Quantum Leap Intro Just Because I Want a Reboot

The Quantum Leap Intro Just Because I Want a Reboot

You want a show that deserves a reboot?  If there’s any show in the world that could easily have a reboot it’s Quantum Leap.  You’ve got science.  You’ve got time travel.  You’ve got saving the world.  You got a guy who just wants to get home.  This has CW or FOX written all over it.  Then again, imagine this on HBO with tons of violence and nudity.  Can you even imagine how awesome this show could be in the modern day?  Don’t get me wrong, Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell completely rocked but there’s gotta be a writer out there who could make this stick.

Joss Whedon anyone?  Or how about going to the complete other side of the spectrum?  How about Vince Gilligan?  What if Aaron Sorkin immersed himself in time travel books and came up with a concept?  If there are any producers reading this I want full credit for the pitch and this idea.

I’m pretty proud of myself for admitting I want a show to get a reboot.  But this one makes perfect sense doesn’t it?  I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!  For all you nostalgic folks out there, here’s the incredibly addicting intro to the original show.  This song will be in your head all weekend.  I love you Dr. Sam Beckett.


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