Project Eve Introduces a New Heroine Into The PlayStation Universe

Project Eve Introduces a New Heroine Into The PlayStation Universe

Project Eve Introduces a New Heroine Into The PlayStation Universe

Project Eve is one new title that was revealed at the PlayStation Showcase this September. It is hard to determine what it is actually about by the trailer. It appears to be a slasher of some sort that is inspired by Devil May Cry and perhaps even Bayonetta. This new adventure was crafted by a studio called Shift Up Corporation. Apparently, this new IP has been in development for a while and production seems to be reaching its final stages. The footage shown left an impression and highlights what the next generation of games could offer. Chances are that this could be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, given that the developers are focusing on the haptic feedback configurations on the controller. The developers want players to feel every sensation during combat including all the impacts of the sword that range from slices to counterattacks.

The story is something that hasn’t been already told before. An alien invasion by a race called the “NA:tives” as taking over during a post-apocalyptic Earth. A group of paratroopers was sent to rid the planet of this menace and the entire team was wiped out except for Eve. Now, she must complete her mission by joining up with new allies and smiting a slew of deadly enemies. When it comes to action, it is easy to guess how intense this game will be judging by the trailer. It seems to be reminiscent of Metal Gear: Rising mixed with some God of War brutality. Even though there is not too much to know about this game, it left many wondering what new heroine is waiting in the wings.


Rollicking Rage

Project Eve is a bit of an enigma right now. This always seems to be the case by a short gameplay trailer with every title that was announced. It is the nature of the beast in the entertainment industry. What is known so far is that the combat will be deep while being fast-paced, as well. There is something called the “beta gauge” that fills up during combat. Every blow, counter, and block fills this thing up. Once it is maxed out, players will have access to attacks that pierce armor, breaking enemy combos, and area clearing moves. Eve will be able to acquire all kinds of new skills and gear that can transform the way she fights. Players will be able to customize Eve to fit their playstyle, including the way she looks. Yes, there will be a robust customization system where players can play dress-up with Eve to their heart’s delight.

The action will be fluid and fast-paced. Some have compared this game to Nier, and perhaps that is accurate. Eve and zip around the area while executing all manners of aerobatic moves. The trailer showed her fighting a Lovecraftian-looking beast that towered above her. She ended up disarming it and using its own weapon against itself. Of course, this is all done in a cinematic fashion that showed off the power of next-gen hardware. The visuals appear to be slick and flashy, most likely running at a silky 60 fps. From what was seen in the trailer, this world will have avenues to explore and poke around to see what treasures can be found. The platforming seems to be standard fare when it comes to action games. Something like Tomb Raider comes to mind when watching Eve monkey across a dilapidated bridge.

Eve and Her Ruins

The level design clearly shows that the world is gnarled up and twisted. It is ripe for digging into collecting items and other miscellaneous gear. The developers have noted that there is tons of stuff to find in Project Eve. In fact, they are still in need of talent to help finish up this title because there is so much. It looks like Eve will be accompanied by a little droid companion, as well. Right now, it is not much known what this bot can do. Chances are that it might aide Eve during combat with health boosts, or maybe some stun attacks? Another possible factor is maybe this bot can help Eve find things while she rummages through the ruins. We will have to wait and find out how Eve’s allies play into the gameplay with Project Eve.

Evidently, this game will have a story in which there will be scripted interactive moments. Ever since the original God of War, quick-time events have been a trend within PlayStation games for the last three generations. It looks like it is not going away anytime soon. Whatever the case, it looks like there might be some variety with the gameplay throughout the campaign. There was one scenario shown that had Eve grind railing down a tunnel while being pursued. It looks to be extremely intense and it is nice to see that Project Eve will have different ways to break up the action to keep the blood flowing. The enemy types are varied and pretty crazy with their designs. Hulking brutes with chainsaws and fiery swords will attack Eve at all fronts. The NA:tives are little squid-like creatures that can attach themselves to corpses and reanimate them. This can indeed create all kinds of foul beasties to slay. Luckily, Eve will have the ability to dismember these creatures during combat, most likely hindering their attack patterns and switching things up.

Bloody Ballet

Project Eve looks to be the start of a new fan-favorite heroine in the making. This game seems to have a mix of many well-revered games in terms of its content and gameplay.  It seems to be on the right track in regards to offering something fresh to the PlayStation lineup. This game was originally going to be a multi-platform release, but it now looks like it will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive. However, things are still subject to change regarding the release of Project Eve. The release date hasn’t been solidified, yet. Some would say that this game could be launching in early 2022, but even that is a stretch right now. Since, Shift Up Corporation is still hiring talent to help with this title, at least things are in full swing and it is still coming.

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