Princess Leia is Getting Her Own Star Wars Manga

Princess Leia is Getting Her Own Star Wars Manga

Princess Leia is going to get her own Star Wars Manga. The allusions to Leia never having her own story though is something that can be debated since Leia has managed to have her own point of view told in several stories both in the comics and in novels. What a lot of folks don’t seem to be understanding is that before the changing of the canon there were a lot of comic books and novels that came out that showed and detailed the life of Princess Leia and many other characters throughout the Star Wars universe. While she never got a series that was entirely her own, she has been given many stories to date that have been focused on her more than anyone else. These new adventures that are entirely hers however sound as though they could be something interesting for fans that are just now growing into the franchise and want to know how the woman that became the general lived when she was still young.

The real question will be however whether or not the canon being used now will simply eradicate everything that came before or if it will show some respect finally to the original story and tell of Leia’s past and how her life on Alderaan changed her viewpoint of the galaxy. For instance she was never the good girl that her father and mother wanted her to be on a regular basis. She would go out with ruffians and find her way to the dimly lit corners of the streets in an attempt to learn as much as she could about her father’s kingdom in an effort to be both rebellious and to gain the experience and wisdom she so badly wanted. Unlike Luke she wasn’t always looking to the horizon, but was instead looking at the area six inches in front of her face trying to figure out how she could change things for the better.

Her position as a royal didn’t change her character as much like her biological mother she didn’t always follow the rules and she was as much of a rascal as her biological father ever was. With a former Jedi for a sire and a former queen for a mother she didn’t have much chance of being anything but strong-willed and defiant by nature. Yet for all that she sought to help people and to make life better for everyone, not just human beings. Her life was something of an oddity in Star Wars lore since she was always living for the betterment of others and never seemed to pay any more attention to herself than she needed to. Finding out what the story is going to show about her might be kind of intriguing as the story is already out, but hasn’t yet been given an English translation.

It’s bound to happen since there are simply too many fans that will be clamoring for it to ignore. But one hope is that the story does indeed stick to Leia’s original origin.

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