10 Things That You Didn’t Know About Popular Boy Band SHINee

10 Things That You Didn’t Know About Popular Boy Band SHINee

The boy band Shinee has made a big impact on the world. If you haven’t heard of them then you’re probably not in the age group of 10 to 28. The group made their first debut with their title song “Replay” in 2008. They’ve been around for about a decade and have thrilled the hearts of teens. The name of the group is actually written and displayed as SHINee, and here are ten things about them that you probably didn’t know.

1. Key is not the real name of the prolific member of the group

Key is also known by a variety of different nicknames, but this isn’t really his name. He’s been called Almighty Key, Fox, “Umma” and Diva. None of these is his real name either. His birth name is Kim Ki Bum, so it’s easy to see where he got the inspiration for Key. He was born on September 23 of 1991 in Daegu, Korea.

2. Key lives in Seoul, South Korea and he’s an educated man

Key attended the Myongji University with studies in Film and Musical areas along with Woosuk University for Culture and Education Contents Development. He has a lot of book learning and knowledge under his belt. Many fans of his do not realize the value that he places on education and that he has dedicated a lot of time to his studies to become the well rounded professional that he is today.

3. SHINee has won multiple awards but Key has won more

The group SHINee has won a lot of music awards, but Key has surpassed them. Together the group won “The Newcomer of the Year award at the 2008 23rd Golden Disk Awards. Key went on to with a Golden Disk Award in 2015 his band ToHeart. He’s collected a total of 57 awards during his time in the music industry.

4. Taemin got an early start in his music

Few fans of the Korean K-pop boy band SHINee know this fun fact. Taemin is known for his talent in playing the piano. He learned to play when he was still in elementary school. It became obvious that he was a fast learner in addition to being a gifted and talented musician. He drove fans wild with his keyboarding contributions to the group.

5. Key is the fashionista of the K-pop group

Key is a member of SHINee that has always had an intense love for fashion. His favorite color is pink and his taste in fashion is not as a follower of the most recent trends. Instead, he sets the trends. He was promoted to the position of fashion director for SM Entertainment in 2015. He is responsible for the design of SHINee’s concert outfits. He also collaborates with other designers in the fashion industry.

6. Jonghyun has some interesting habits

One of the really cool things about SHINee boy hand member Jonghyun is that he is a big Maroon 5 fan. He enjoys listening to songs from the group, but he does have some odd habits. Most fans are not aware of the fact that he used to sleep with 5 alarm clocks on his dorm bed. We’re not sure if he was going for the increased volume to wake him up or if he subscribes to some type of philosophy that deals with the number five, but we swear that this fun fact is true.

7. Taemin has trouble keeping track of his stuff

One of the most humorous, and no doubt, frustrating things about Taemin is that he has a tendency to lose his clothes. We’re not quite sure how he accomplishes this. He is also known for losing his accessories. Just ask any of the other members of SHINee and they’ll confirm that this is a fact.

8. Onew taught Taemin how to sing

Few fans are aware of the fact that it was Onew who gave Taemin the first vocal lessons of his life. Onew spent a lot of time with him to help him prepare for his career. During their early training days, Taemin and Onew would go up on the rooftop to practice together.

9. Minho only asks one thing of a girl

When we discovered this next fun fact, it was a tossup whether to see the humor in it or to feel bad for Minho. He said that the ideal girl for him would simply be someone who likes him. That is the thing that would make him happy. We have to hand it to him for being easy to please fellow and although it may sound sad to only require so little when you think about it if somebody genuinely likes you for who you are, good things are the most likely to come of it.

10. Every SHINee member has one interesting habit in common

We already know that they’re all talented musicians. They look great on the stage and they’re exceedingly popular, but there is one fun fact about every member of the boy band that very few people are aware of. The common habit that links them all together is that they all talk in their sleep. This could become very interesting if they are also willing to answer questions while talking in their sleep.

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