10 Things You Didn’t Know about Paige Herschell

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Paige Herschell

If you’re a fan of shows such as “American Housewife,” and “I’m Dying Up Here,” then you are already a fan of Paige Herschell. She’s the young actress who had pertinent roles in both of these amazing works, and she’s someone who has always had the desire to be in the entertainment business. She’s both an actress and a producer, but she manages to find the time to do all the things no matter how busy she is at work. Her talent is unparalleled, and she’s worth getting to know a little better whether you’re a fan already or just learning who she is for the first time.

1. She is in a New Hallmark Movie

If you think you’ve been hearing her name a lot more than usual in recent weeks, it’s because she is starring in a new movie called, “Next Stop, Christmas,” and it’s a big one. She has a role alongside some of the most famous faces in Hollywood, including two actors from a very, very big movie. Perhaps you’ve heard of “Back to the Future,” which was a movie that might have had a little press here and there over the years? Yeah, that one. Stars Lea Thompson and Christopher Lloyd (DOC!) are back, and they are starring alongside Herschell in this one.

2. She’s a Musician

When she’s not acting, she’s part of a band. They’re called San Lyon, and they have just released their third EP called “I” and they are so proud of the work they are doing. She wants you to go listen, download their songs, and become a fan.

3. She’s a Dog Lover

If she is one thing outside of being a total star, it’s a lover of dogs. She’s got her own dog, a dachshund, and her name is Ruby. She shares several photos of her sweet pup in her Instagram page, and we are obsessed. We love dogs. Dogs are the best.

4. She is a Voice Actress

Did we mention she’s not just the star in movies and shows, but she’s also the voice behind some of the best books? She’s a voice actress who lends her voice to different books, and they are often available for download for your listening pleasure. She is someone who graces the sounds of people’s cars on their way to work, their earbuds as they run or exercise, and she is someone who is just cool.

5. She is Thoughtful

While she doesn’t share too much about herself, she’s someone we imagine puts a lot of thought into the things she says and the advice she gives. Her Instagram captions are more often than not thoughtful quotes and sayings meant to remind the world that there is so much good, so much to be happy for, and that the best parts of the world are always found inside yourself.

6. She is Happy By the Water

Based on the photos she shares, she seems like the type of young woman happy by the water. She’s often on a boat or near the water, and she’s so much like the rest of us. She’s happiest by the water where the air is clear and the breeze is cool, and where everything just seems much less important than it does when you are elsewhere.

7. She’s a Worrier

Paige Herschell might seem as if she has it all together in life, but she’s so much like the rest of us. She worries all the time. She worries needlessly, and she knows she worries. She knows it is pointless and that 99 percent of the things she worries about never happen or are even possible – yet she worries. She’s also in a constant state of learning to stop her thinking and change her perspective – just like the rest of us.

8. She is Close to Her Mother

She might not share much about her family, but we can tell she is close to her mother. She once posted a birthday photo of her mother on her Instagram feed. Her mom was in the midst of jazzercise and her daughter calls her very cool and someone awesome whose class she wishes she could go back in time and join. That says to us that they are close.

9. She’s Private

Paige Herschell is a private woman. She is not sharing much about herself at all, and she’s certainly not someone who is doing anything to let us know what’s up in her life. She’s keeping it on the down low, and she’s not sharing a thing that might give her private life away.

10. She’s Proud of Her Work

As she should be. We know she is proud because she often shares her work and the many things she is doing when she’s working. She’s always excited to work with her costars on any project. She’s always excited to share with her fans what she’s doing, and she clearly loves what she’s been called to do for a living.American Housewife,

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