10 Things You Don’t Know About Evan Peters and Emma Roberts

10 Things You Don’t Know About Evan Peters and Emma Roberts
10 Things You Don’t Know About Evan Peters and Emma Roberts

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Evan Peters and Emma Roberts have a dramatic story, but it is not one they are fond of discussing. After meeting on the set of a 2012 movie called Adult World, Evan Peters and Emma Roberts began dating. She was 21 at the time. He was 25. Less than a year after they began dating, Emma Roberts was arrested after people heard a disturbance from their shared hotel room. The couple fought, both hitting one another, and she was arrested because Evan Peters had injuries and Emma Roberts did not. Even though she was seen less than a week later covered in bruises, Peters did not press charges. Evan Peters and Emma Roberts were back together, they worked through it, and they got engaged and broke up more than once before finally calling it off for good in 2019.

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters do not have a happy ending – or much of a happy beginning – but their lives are more attractive in other ways, too. We have compiled a list of things you may not know about Emma Roberts and Evan Peters, and we have it right here.

1. Emma Roberts is a Mom

She and her ex broke it off for good in March 2019. However, she was dating again before much longer. By August 2020, she was far enough in her pregnancy to announce it. She and her boyfriend, Garrett Hedlund, we’re excited to become parents. Their son was born two days after Christmas in 2020.

2. Emma Roberts is Single Again

Despite welcoming a baby only 13 months before, Roberts and Hedlund announced the end of their relationship in January 2022. However, her ex is happy to be a father, and he calls their almost 2-year-old son his best friend. They are very close, and he is a happy dad even though they are no longer together.

3. Emma Roberts Has a Famous Aunt

If her last name doesn’t share this information with you, perhaps her nearly identical smile will. Her father is Eric Roberts, who is an actor. His sister is Julia Roberts, who might be the most famous actress in all the land. This makes Emma Roberts the niece of Julia Roberts, and she spent a lot of time on the set of her aunt’s famous movies growing up.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Evan Peters and Emma Roberts

Credit: @emmaroberts

4. Her Mother Didn’t Want Emma Roberts Acting

Roberts’ mother and father split when she was only a few months old. They divorced and went their separate ways. Her mother is not in the show business industry, and she was not keen on her daughter following in the same footsteps as her father and uncle. However, everyday life is not the kind of life Emma Roberts wanted, and she became an actress.

5. Emma Roberts Has Been Acting for Two Decades

She turned 31 in 2022, meaning it’s been twenty years since she began her career as an actress. She was ten when she landed a role in the hit film Blow in 2001. By 2004, she was a bona fide Nickelodeon star, and her fame was rising rapidly.

6. Evan Peters Moved On Quickly from Emma Roberts

After nearly seven years together, he also moved on rather quickly. While his ex was dating Garrett Hedlund, he began dating the singer known as Halsey. They were dating in the fall of 2019 but ended their relationship in the spring of 2020. He is not a father.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Evan Peters and Emma Roberts

Credit: @evanpetes

7. Evan Peters is Dahmer

When Netflix released the story of Jeffrey Dahmer in 2022, it was an instant hit. People were so obsessed with the handsome serial killer that they began to idolize him, and it was not okay. Evan Peters portrayed Dahmer, and he got into character for this role, but he didn’t think he would become a heartthrob. He didn’t want that. He wanted to do the role the way it was meant to do the role and not make a serial killer into an icon.

8. He Watched Everything About the Dahmer Story

He did it all to prepare for his role as a serial killer. He took on everything he could, including becoming the man who knew all about Dahmer. He watched every interview he could find and immersed himself in the story the best way he could. It was exceptionally negative and challenging. He looked at everything from how the killer moved – did you realize Dahmer doesn’t move his arms when he walks?

9. Evan Peters Had to Get Out of Character

To make this role work as Dahmer, he was in character much of the time. He purposefully did not take on any new work after filming. In his own words, he knew he’d need a chance to decompress. To get out of that mindset, he went home. He spent time with his family, focused on the good things in life, and did all he could to get himself out of the mind of a serial killer.

10. He and Niecy Nash Did Not Connect Filming Dahmer

The famous actress went through the act of shooting this series thinking that the young actor didn’t like her. She had no idea he was simply in his role as the character and could not come out of it. They did not connect, but following the end of the process, she got to know him. They didn’t officially ‘meet’ until it was over, and he was no longer working as Dahmer. She now finds him quite charming, and they get along well.

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