10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amy-Leigh Hickman

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amy-Leigh Hickman

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amy-Leigh Hickman

If you find yourself wondering about Amy-Leigh Hickman, you are not alone. She’s an actress who has done a lot of cool things with her life. Perhaps one of the coolest things she’s done with her life is finding herself cast in a new role on a famous Netflix show called “You,” which is one of the most exciting shows around. She’ll star opposite the famous Penn Badgeley, formerly of Gossip Girl and now serial killer with a big heart who will do anything to have the woman he wants when he wants her. It’s a big deal, and she is not taking this for granted.

1. She is Playing a New Role

She’s taking on the new role of Nadia, and she’s going to rock it. She’s playing a woman who wants to be a serious writer, but she also doesn’t want to deal with her own life and the fact that she’s been unaccepted by the people in her peer circle most of her life. She’s going to have to channel insecurity to play this new role, but we feel she will do well.

2. She is So Young

She’s a young woman, and we do mean young as she was born in the 90s – but only just. She was born on September 16, 1997, which means she was only just 2 when the century ended and a new millennium began. She’s only 24 at the moment, and she is living her best life.

3. She’s English

Born and raised, she is an English woman. She was born in Hastings. Hastings is located in East Sussex, which is located in England. Ironically, she grew up in the same area as her new costar, Ed Speleers, who is also from the East Sussex area of England, and he is only a few years older than she.

4. She Has Always Studied Acting

She was only five when her family signed her up to take acting classes. It shows, too. She’s good. Her family signed her up to study acting at the Theatre Workshop. It’s in a place called Bexhill, and from what we understand, this is a location with a stellar reputation.

5. She Works Well Under Pressure

If she’s going to learn something and take it to heart, it’s going to do her well to learn under pressure. She can learn anyway imaginable, we are certain, but she feels this is her best way of learning. There are many of us who learn better when we have to do it rather than when we don’t have to, so this is not an uncommon feeling.

6. She Has a Common Fear

Do not typecast this actress. She won’t stand for it. She has so much to offer, and she will take on any role, any time, and do it justice. She is terrified of being that one actress who always plays that one character in everything that she does. She wants diversity in her characters, and she chases that with fervor.

7. She is Constantly Worried

She loves to work, but she has a very common fear once she is done with a character. Many in the acting business know that the work is not always promised. While it might sound like many actors are always working, they often leave one job without a promise that another is coming. This happens all too often, and she is worried on a regular basis that one job will end and she’ll never work again.

8. She is Famous for a Big Show

Perhaps her most famous role to date has been on the hit show EastEnders. It’s a huge show that has a massive following, and it is one that she has enjoyed for many years. She is not just a fan of the show, but she was also an actress on the show. She played the role of Linzi Bragg.

9. She Prefers Her Privacy

If there is one thing Hickman still values at this age, it’s keeping her private life very much to herself. She is not a fan of sharing too much about her life with the press, and she has no reason to share anything she doesn’t feel is our business.

10. She’s Been in the Business for a Decade

A little more, really. She first began working in 2010, which means she was only 13 when she got the job. Her role was a regular one on a show called Tracy Beaker Returns. She played the role of Carmen Howle.

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