Discovering Shahar Isaac: 10 Facts About The Chosen’s Simon Peter

Discovering Shahar Isaac: 10 Facts About The Chosen’s Simon Peter

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Shahar Isaac has always been passionate about performing, but he probably never imagined that his love for acting would lead to a global fan base. Although his career started off slowly, it has since skyrocketed.

In 2019, Isaac was given a significant opportunity when he was cast as Simon Peter in the faith-based show, The Chosen. This role helped him reach a wider audience, and he has become a fan favorite. Now that The Chosen is back for its second season, viewers are excited to see him continue to bring the character to life. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Shahar Isaac.

1. A Modest TV Resume

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Like many of his fellow actors in The Chosen, Isaac doesn’t have an extensive list of TV credits. He made his TV debut in 2015, appearing in an episode of Person of Interest. Before being cast in The Chosen, he had only one other TV role. Despite his limited TV experience, Isaac has portrayed Simon Peter with grace and professionalism.

2. A Background in Theater

Isaac’s limited television experience doesn’t mean he lacks acting chops. He spent a significant portion of his career on stage, starring in plays like The Two Gentlemen of Verona and The Merchant of Venice.

3. Possible Jewish Roots

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Many cast members of The Chosen are religious in real life. Shahar Isaac, however, has been more private about his personal beliefs. A Reddit thread suggests that he might be Jewish with Israeli roots, and one user even speculated that he’s likely a native Hebrew speaker.

4. A Passion for Photography

Isaac may earn his living in front of the camera, but in his free time, he enjoys stepping behind the lens as a photographer. He has a talent for capturing stunning moments and has shared several of his photos on Instagram.

5. Rutgers University Alumnus

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It’s unclear when Isaac moved to the United States from Israel, but he attended Rutgers University in New Jersey. He studied acting under David Esbjornson and Barbara Marchant and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. The exact date of his graduation is unknown.

6. A Guitarist at Heart

Acting and photography aren’t Isaac’s only creative outlets. He’s also a skilled bass player. While he may have performed occasionally, there’s no evidence that he has released any music or plans to do so.

7. A Love for Travel

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Isaac is an adventurous soul who loves exploring the world. In addition to living in Israel and the United States, he has taken full advantage of opportunities to travel. It’s safe to say he’ll continue to discover new places in the future.

8. A Private Individual

Since being cast in The Chosen, more people have become interested in learning about Isaac. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. He hasn’t shared much about his personal life and has done few interviews.

9. Staying Active

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The Chosen star isn’t one to sit around all day. While the specifics of his workout routine are unclear, he enjoys staying in good shape. Regular exercise not only benefits physical health but also offers mental health advantages.

10. A Reluctant Social Media User

Shahar Isaac’s fans will be pleased to know that he has an Instagram account, but he’s not the most active user. When he does post, it’s usually photos he’s taken or work-related content. As his career progresses, he may decide to devote more time to building his online presence.

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