Oscar Isaac as Spider-Man 2099? Sure, Why Not?

Just in case people are wondering if Oscar Isaac is taking on too much by accepting the Moon Knight role and now this, there’s nothing to be worried about since his stint as Miguel O’Hara, aka Spider-Man 2099, is going to be a voice role in the upcoming Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse Part One that will be arriving in 2022. Ever since Into the Spiderverse came out, people have been wanting more of the various versions of Spider-Man, along with Gwen Stacy and whoever else will be showing up along the way. To think that Oscar Isaac will be bringing his voice back to this role is pretty cool since it’s also nice to think that his one stipulation for coming back should be easy to follow. Apparently, the one stipulation was that his character not be made boring, which isn’t too much to hope for at least since thus far people have really been enjoying everything Spider-Man, and Into the Spiderverse was seen as a visual masterpiece that people still enjoy in a big way. Oscar has certainly been busy over the last several years between one movie and the next, and this coming year he’ll be showing up on Disney+ in a very anticipated role. 

Isaac has been rising through the ranks rather quickly over the years as he’s shown up in a very impressive number of movies and has been making it clear that he’s a talent that can be depended upon since his acting is on point and his laidback demeanor when it’s being displayed, is actually quite nice. He’s been able to put up many memorable performances, but belonging to the Spider-Man franchise even if it’s for a role that a lot of people, other than fans, might know that much about, it’s still a highlight. Given everything that Oscar has done in the past decade, one can say that he’s the perfect actor for just about anything that might be needed, within reason of course. 

In fact, it feels as though there might be a few roles he could take on in the MCU if he really had the desire. But it also appears that he’s a guy that likes to move around and consider his options when it comes to taking on one role or another. He does appear like a guy that could take on the part of Reed Richards, but a lot of people want to see this go to John Krasinski or someone else. Seeing him play as Marc Spector, aka Moon Knight, is going to be extremely interesting since he’s been training quite hard for the role and it’s fair to think that he’s going to knock it out of the park when the show comes to Disney+ in 2022. But once again, it does sound as though he’ll be a busy man this coming year, and at this time there’s no telling what else he’ll be doing and if any of it will have to do with the MCU. Several of the actors don’t want to feel entirely beholden to the company or to Disney, and will no doubt negotiate their contracts as they must in order to keep things moving for everyone involved. 

So far it would appear that Oscar’s character is going to have an issue with Miles Morales, but there’s no real explanation why in the current teaser that can be seen online. All the same, it might be a fun fight to watch even if it’s possible that Miguel might come out on top due to his enhanced senses and the experience he possesses. It might be a decent fight, but the fact is that Miguel is kind of a step above Miles when it comes to overall experience. But until that movie comes out we’re likely to see a lot of debates on the subject since one thing that people love to talk about, among the many, is which hero can come out on top over another. It’s a hypothetical thing most times since heroes fighting heroes usually means that something has gone very wrong and that it’s gone beyond fixing with mere words. When it comes to just about any Spider-Man, with some exceptions, words aren’t always something that the hero lacks. 

But seeing Oscar Isaac come back for this role gives a lot of hope that Across the Spiderverse could be yet another great movie that people have been waiting for and will be talking about for years after its release. If there’s been one solid hero that’s remained insanely popular over the years it’s Spider-Man, and the fact that the character exists in so many different versions means that he’s about as close to being universally loved as any character can be. Hopefully Oscar will continue that trend when he returns and will help to write another great chapter in the Spiderverse. 

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