The Originals 1.13 Review: “Crescent City”


All the supernatural creatures were out in full force in last night’s episode of The Originals.  Witches were in control, using some werewolves to gain leverage over the vampire community by attacking the most powerful family.

I had wondered last week if each of the witches Celeste resurrected would have their own episode.  Last week was all about Papa Tunde, and this week we met two other witches: Bastiana and Genevieve.  Bastiana must be the most recent witch of them all, as Father Kieran recognized her in church.  In turn, she hexes him similar to how she hexed his nephew and Cami’s brother Sean.  Kieran warns Cami of what happened, because he knows the inevitable outcome of such a hex.  The other witch Genevieve gives Cami the opportunity to save her uncle if she stakes Klaus straight in the heart with the blade yielding all the power that Papa Tunde collected from slaying hundreds of vampires.  Cami chose to be on the winning side of this brewing war and handed the blade over to Klaus to deal with.

Elijah knew that Celeste is disguising herself as Sabine, he just didn’t realize the full extent of her actions.  After poisoning him with a kiss (and really what better way to take down the most noble of all the vampires?), she presents him the option to save only one of his beloved family members, as she’s poised them all in danger.  It doesn’t take a dummy to guess who he’ll save first.  Personal feelings aside, it just makes sense that he would save the only mortal (and pregnant) one of the bunch.

Hayley had invited her wolf pack to the Mikaelsons’ plantation house for a party since they’re only in their human form during a full moon, thanks to the curse set upon them by witches.  It is there she meets Jackson, the wolf who has been protecting her at various times through the season.  He reveals that he and Hayley are both from “royal” crescent wolf families that made a pact to arrange a marriage between them in order to save their control over New Orleans.  If you think about what little we know of Hayley’s past, there are still too many holes in the story to make sense of this new information.  We know she was adopted, but we don’t know the specific reason, or even how old she was at the time.  Maybe her parents were either killed or already cursed before she was too old to remember any of this.  There has to be more to the story than just this pre-arranged marriage for Hayley and Jackson.  How exactly could this union have helped the werewolves take back control of New Orleans?  Were they fated to have their own all-powerful offspring that would save them all?  Now that Hayley’s pregnant with her hybrid baby, how does this affect anything?  I doubt Elijah will be pleased once he hears the truth behind Hayley’s connection to the guy he also saved from the burning house.

Anyway, while Hayley was learning of her connection to Jackson inside the house, Rebekah was lured out into the woods with another werewolf with an agenda of his own.  He had been instructed by Celeste to lure the Original sister away from the party so that the witch Genevieve could get her while she’s down from a werewolf attack.  I actually had a serious problem with how easy it was for a pack of wolves (actually in their wolf form, too) to weaken Rebekah.  She must have fought back, since Elijah later walked over a dead wolf, but as soon as she saw she was surrounded, she really should have been able to use her super vampire powers to scale up the tree she was backed against and run away.  Werewolf bites won’t kill her, but they clearly weakened her enough that she couldn’t put up a fight when the witch with a long-standing grudge against her showed up.

Because Cami didn’t take the witches’ offer to save Kieran in exchange for stabbing Klaus, Bastiana found someone else to do her dirty work: Sophie.  I couldn’t tell if Sophie was under some sort of spell that forced her to do it, but I doubt it.  She’s double crossed the Mikaelsons before, and I would say she would do it again in a heartbeat but that’d be speaking ill of the dead.  She got her due when her niece Monique refused to leave town with her.  Monique accused her of not being a believer, and she’s clearly been buying into Celeste’s talk, because she ends up bleeding Sophie to death.  In Sophie’s defense, everything she did was for her family.  That’s obviously a common theme on this show, but it must have been a truly horrible death to die at your own niece’s hand, the same niece she was fighting to reunite with if only she could complete the Harvest.

Monique was just one of the four girls sacrificed in the Harvest, and she only rose back to life once Papa Tunde sacrificed himself.  Marcel knows this means there’s still a chance to get Davina back, but I’m not so sure Davina will be the same.  We never saw Monique before the Harvest, but I’m willing to bet she wasn’t killing family members left and right.  If and when Davina comes back to life, she probably won’t be such a pushover with Klaus and Marcel.

The Mikaelsons may have lost this battle, but they’ll win the war.  When Elijah promises something, he’s honorable and I have no doubt he will take great pleasure in killing Celeste and her cohorts for their hand in these vengeful acts against his family.  Until then, Klaus and Rebekah are suffering through immense torture at the hands of some of the angriest, evil witches.

New episodes return February 25th after the Olympics.

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