The Originals 1.05 Review: “Sinners and Saints”


Wow.  The way this episode of The Originals was starting out, I was a little worried it would be like the pilot in the sense that it would be all exposition through talking.  This turned out to probably be the most important episode yet!  Through flashbacks to only a mere 8 months ago, we learned more about the backstory of the witches, Sophie and Davina.  Obviously if you haven’t watched yet, don’t read further because there are spoilers.

Sophie’s sister Jane Anne was responsible for getting Klaus back to New Orleans, but not for the reason we initially thought.  It turns out her daughter was one of three sacrificed young girls in a Harvest that is deeply rooted in the coven’s history every three centuries.  In order to successfully “reap” the witches’ powers, Davina (the sole survivor) has to also die. This gets complicated because Davina inherited all the slain witches’ powers.

Marcel heard of the Harvest through Sophie and got there just in time to save at least one of the young witches.  This answers the question of how Marcel found Davina, and why he’s so protective over her.  He’s been keeping her safe from the witches who want her dead so the reaping cannot happen.  If the witches go long enough without completing the Harvest, they will all eventually lose all their powers.

It’s also interesting to mention that we learned bit more about Cami’s brother Sean, the seminary student who committed a murder-suicide in the church.  He was driven crazy under a hex put on him by witches when his uncle, Father Kieran, refuses to allow them to complete the Harvest.

My favorite part of the episode/series so far was when Elijah finally returned home after being released from Davina’s imprisonment.  I was almost as happy as Rebekah to see him walking through the door!  I’m so happy Rebekah has her family together again, and it is safe to say she even considers Hayley family.  Elijah hugged his sister hello, then excused himself from his siblings to catch up with Hayley out on the porch.  The looks they were giving each other spoke volumes more than any words they could have said.  I was fully expecting a passionate kiss right then and there, but instead she slapped him.  Doesn’t she know that it wasn’t his choice to be daggered and held hostage by a witch??

Shocking revelations of the night:

Sophie and Marcel were an item not too long ago!

Father Kieran is Cami’s uncle! Which is okay, but how is his little threat to Marcel to stay away from his niece really going to stop a centuries old vampire from doing whatever he wants?  There’s got to be more to Kieran’s story.

HAYLEY AND ELIJAH! Excuse the fangirling, but how perfect was their scene on the porch? I mean, they’re obviously in love with each other but it’s only slightly complicated by the fact that she’s carrying his brother’s miraculous offspring.

We’re only 5 episodes in to the series, and already it’s becoming complicated to keep everyone’s stakes in the game sorted out.  Here’s a little recap:

  • Mikaelsons (Klaus/Elijah/Rebekah/Hayley) — protect their family (including Hayley and the baby) at all costs
    • Klaus — knock Marcel off his proverbial throne
    • Elijah — help Davina learn to harness her powers with the help of his mother’s grimoire
    • Hayley — eventually find her birth family in New Orleans
    • Marcel — protect Davina and his place in the vampire community
    • Davina — stay alive by waiting out the reaping so she can be normal again
    • Sophie — kill Davina to complete the reaping so she can (hopefully) get her niece back from the dead
    • Random other witches — kill Hayley’s baby due to prophesy that it will kill them all
    • Cami — investigate/understand what happened to drive her brother to commit the mass murder-suicide
    • Father Kieran — protect all humans in New Orleans from the witches and vampires

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