The Originals 1.14 Review: “Long Way Back from Hell”

the original

In an episode that played more like a horror film than a CW show, The Originals really brought the creepy factor up a notch.  Consider the setting of an old abandoned hospital plus the added psychological torment brought on by the witches and we were treated to exceptionally great performances by Claire Holt and Joseph Morgan.

Klaus and Rebekah are still being held and tormented by Celeste and Genevieve.  Genevieve especially has a motive behind her actions as she tortures dear Rebekah in more ways than one.  By literally showing Klaus his little sister’s actions from nearly a century ago, she is really playing into Celeste’s plan to bring down the Mikaelson family bond for good.

To be honest, I think Klaus’ temper is exhausting at this point.  Yes, he found out that his own sister and protégé were responsible for summoning their father back to New Orleans to kill him, but that was in 1919.  Hasn’t Klaus made Rebekah suffer enough already, without even knowing that?  Not to mention the fact that Klaus had the pleasure of killing Mikael himself just a couple of seasons ago on The Vampire Diaries.  If Klaus put his pent-up anger issues into killing these witches instead of that (all be it epic) fight scene with Rebekah, maybe he could finally start to move on.

Elijah really had no choice but to turn the dagger into Klaus when he was about to stake Rebekah with it.  Neither of them would die from the effects of it, but Klaus was speaking from his recent experience when he told Rebekah it’s “not unlike a living hell”.  I’m just curious how Elijah will ever be able to calm Klaus down, because Rebekah can’t be on the run forever.

While Hayley was feeling guilty that Elijah had to deal with all of this just because he chose to save her, she still has her wolf family in mind.  Sophie had told her that one of her ancestor’s put the curse on the crescent wolves, but the recent revelation that Celeste has been inhabiting witches for more than two centuries changes things a bit.  If there was even a possibility that Celeste inhabited Brynn Devereaux’s body when the curse was placed, then there’s a solid chance that she can reverse it.  I’m all for Hayley’s smart thinking, but she really doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into when she knocked Celeste out with a whack to the head.  She’s not going to be able to just tie her up and get answers from her without the witch using her own magic.  The last thing Elijah needs is also to be babysitting Hayley, but it’s probably safe to assume that he’ll be there for her if and when things turn bad.

Overall this episode served as a reminder that these are all flawed characters with long lives full of mistakes.  I can only hope that Klaus can forgive and forget Rebekah and Marcel’s mistake as soon as possible so that they can finally deal with these resurrected witches that are causing nothing but chaos.  As it is now, the Mikaelson family is more fractured than we’ve ever seen them, but their “always and forever” motto has to mean something, right?

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