The Originals Season 2 Episode 17 Review: “Exquisite Corpse”

The Originals

Rebekah was at the core of The Originals last night.  She’s slowly been losing control over Eva Sinclar’s body with her family fighting each other and outside forces to protect her.  Throw in a surprising death in the family, and it was another exciting episode.

As I predicted, Eva would make a move towards hurting Baby Hope.  Hayley and Klaus were right there to ward her off, but there’s no way that should have been such a shock to them.  Of course, it’s what really jolted them and Elijah into action to find a way to return Rebekah to her original body.

Elijah and Gia recently hooked up before this hiatus in case you forgot.  Hayley immediately picked up on the tension between herself and Gia, which led to an interesting conversation between them.  Gia’s no dummy about Elijah’s history and ties to Hayley, but she’s perfectly fine with being his version of a rebound.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t see Gia surviving this season at least.  She’ll surely be one of the many casualties lost when Dahlia begins to stir up trouble in her family.

Speaking of Dahlia, she looks to be finally making her appearance next week.  Klaus already feels disadvantaged with Freya having used him as an anchor to defeat Eva.  By doing so, Freya was able to learn both his and Elijah’s innermost secrets from their entire lives.  She’s smart enough to realize she has definite proof that Klaus will never trust her.  This leaves her only one option then: turn the rest of the family against him.  While this will be entertaining to watch unfold, I would’ve thought she’d at least have more of a heart.  She’s never known her true family and now she only wants to break them apart, starting with killing her mother.  How awesome was Esther’s death scene though?  We’ve never seen a vampire death at the hands of a witch like that.  Instead of turning into a pile of ash, she broke into dozens of black birds.  So very cool.

If you’re keeping track, this leaves two deaths in the episode: Esther and Eva Sinclair.  Rebekah now regained complete control of Eva’s witch body, but she doesn’t want to return to her original vampire state just yet.  For starters, there’s the little loophole that she’s linked to a handful of child witches whose power Eva was drawing from.  Davina was one of those, and Rebekah wouldn’t want to be responsible for killing Davina along with other innocents.  There’s also the matter of her promise to Kol.  As he lay dying, she swore she wouldn’t leave this body until she found a way to resurrect him.  She can try all she wants, but unless and until Daniel Sharman is available to return as a series regular, I don’t even want Kol to come back.

Notable quotables:

-”There’s a storm coming.  Your darkest demons ride upon it. I do not know its name but when I peer into your future, there is a blackness that should terrify you.” -Josephine LaRue’s creepy (and unsolicited) warning to Hayley

-”Honestly, it’s all temper and no timing with this one! I for one am glad you gave her away so that I could be born. You should think of me as an upgrade.” -Klaus to Esther as he reintroduced her long lost daughter Freya

What did you think of the episode?  

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