Top Five Moments Of Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer Trailer

Top Five Moments Of Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer Trailer
Top Five Moments Of Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer Trailer

The subject of World War II is nothing new. However, Oppenheimer brings a different perspective to the topic and a new light on the war itself. Christopher Nolan is no stranger to war. In fact, Dunkirk was a film that also took place during the middle of World War II. The filmmaker is a veteran when it comes to this subject. He has proven that he crafts a compelling narrative out of the subject at hand. Oppenheimer features an all-star cast such as Cillian Murphy,Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr., and Florence Pugh. The movie is scheduled to be released on July 21, 2023. Here are the top five moments of the Oppenheimer trailer:

The Oppenheimer Trailer Sets The Scene A National Emergency

Top Five Moments Of Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer Trailer

The Oppenheimer trailer starts off ominous and haunting. However, instead of focusing on World War II and the impact it has on America, it’s the testing of the first atomic bomb. Instantly, the few seconds hook you into the story. There have been dozens of films that document the horrors of World War II. Focusing on the creation of the atomic bomb is just as compelling. It highlights how dire the situation was.

More importantly, it gives a personal voice that showcases different aspects that went into such a historic event. The moment is simple but effective. There’s no wild action to start. Nor is there much dialogue other than flaring up the controls for testing. It’s a scene that sets up the tone and drama for what’s to come in Oppenheimer.

Cillian Murphy’s Acting Prowess Is Displayed

Top Five Moments Of Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer Trailer

Cillian Murphy is a tremendous but underrated actor. He made a strong impact in 28 Days Later and continues to be a reliable performer in every film he’s featured in. He’s perfect cast as Robert J. Oppenheimer. The man is described as someone who was intense, tall, thin, contemplative, and probing. Murphy clearly has the physical aesthetic down, but what he nails down is the same level of nuances that enhances every one of his characters.

The moment he stated, “We’re in a race against the nazis,” highlights this detail greatly. He’s calm, but there’s a clear state of panic and horror coming from his works. Murphy is very bugged-eyed in this scene, but not in a cartoonish or over-the-top manner. For the scene and character, that feels right, and given the fact Murphy is the lead, this proves that the film is in good hands when it comes to acting.

The Most Important Thing To Happen In The History Of The World

Matt Damon Oppenheimer

Speaking of strong talent, it’s great to see Matt Damon under the direction of Christopher Nolan. As the Oppenheimer trailer moves along, the plot becomes clearer and clearer. Again, it’s interesting that Nolan never focuses on the battlefield of World War II itself. It would help audiences engage with the overall arc of the need to create an atomic bomb.

However, the focus on the humanity that made the atomic bomb responsible gives a stronger perspective on this topic because of how intimate this comes across. The sacrifices these men and women are making just to aid in such a catastrophic war underlies the stakes of the story and emphasizes the importance of these events.

The Oppenheimer Trailer Promises Danger

Oppenheimer Trailer

Some of the most brilliant minds in the world can often be the most insane. The dangers of creating an atomic bomb a well documented in the trailer thus far. However, the psyche of the man behind the bomb adds a nice layer of unpredictability. Though the focus has been strictly on the development of the bomb, there are few subtleties about Oppenheimer himself. The fact that it doesn’t alarm him that there’s some chance the entire world could be destroyed adds a layer to his character that’s hopefully explored in Nolan’s upcoming film.

The Visuals Are Stellar

Oppenheimer Trailer

The trailer can’t be discussed without the gorgeous visuals. The film was shot on a combination of IMAX 65mm and 65mm large-format film photography. Oppenheimer was made for the big screen. The various shots of the giant fireball are simply stunning. However, every aspect of the very film looks amazing. Nothing looks fake or CGI. It helps that Nolan is working with a veteran cinematographer who knows how to capture these stunning images that enhance the scope of the story and characters.

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