Five MCU Villains That We Agreed with Most

Five MCU Villains That We Agreed with Most

It’s sometimes difficult to say that one can identify with a villain and their message, but as villains have evolved over time it’s become easier to do since the motivations that turn some individuals to evil are enough to get people to think that there is something to the reasoning behind why they do certain things. Some people might agree with the villains, others might think that they’re somehow in the right, but at the end of the day it is enough to say that they might have a point, but the things they do aren’t worth condoning since usually their main point gets lost in their need to dominate, manipulate, and otherwise cause harm to a lot of people in their quest to prove their point. Villains are typically those that will cause damage simply because the ends justify the means in their eyes. Unfortunately, there are heroes that think this way as well and cause just as much damage, but the average hero will seek to create a compromise so that both sides can walk away without any undue harm. Villains tend to pulverize anything and anyone that gets in the way of their personal mission.

Here are a few MCU villains that people actually agree with in some way.

5. Vulture

Adrian Toomes was a salvage expert to begin with in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and there was plenty to salvage after the battle of New York in the first Avengers movie. The downside of this is that any alien technology that was found was quickly appropriated by bigger corporations that could easily steamroll over his and many other small businesses. It’s pretty obvious that the US government didn’t trust salvagers with anything they thought might have military applications, but it’s also more apparent that they didn’t want to pay the kind of prices that Toomes would have gladly sold it for, so instead of asking or begging, he decided to take.

4. Baron Zemo

While the Avengers and many other heroes are lauded for their efforts, the damage they tend to cause when they get physical is substantial. In their fight against Ultron, who was created by Tony Stark no less, they ended up having to deal with the idea of blowing up a landmass that had once been home to many people. Taking down the Avengers out of rage born from grief and sorrow might not make Zemo any better, but it’s something that many people can understand since for a while it’s felt as though superheroes aren’t taken to task for the damage they do, especially when it costs civilian lives.

3. Erik Killmonger

Killmonger was a very angry man without any doubt, and he had every reason to be since his father was found dead when he was still very young. But his goal of opening up Wakanda and sharing their wealth with the world has a lot of people divided on whether he was really a villain or not. True, he didn’t really care about the royal family and was an admitted murderer, but his idea of trying to use Wakanda’s resources to help people throughout the world was a good idea. It’s just too bad that he was more intent on harming others than helping those that his plan would have targeted.

2. Thanos

The goal that Thanos was after is definitely hard to agree with, but it’s also divided many people when it comes to the idea that he was trying to save half the universe from falling victim to the same fate by killing off half of the universe so that there were more resources available. It would have been easier had the movie simply made him the murderous, death-worshiping madman he was seen as, to begin with, but that might not fit the narrative that the Russo brothers wanted. Sometimes creating a villain with a supposedly noble goal is worse than creating a genocidal maniac that has a serious love for death.

1. Loki

So Loki was taken as a baby by Odin, raised by the Asgardians, and generally disliked because he followed his nature as a trickster and magician, and had to languish in Thor’s shadow because the slightly oafish and aggressive son of Odin was the favored individual between them. That’s not exactly a reason to agree with Loki since most of his personal problems could have been handled had Odin been a better father. But it is easy to say that Loki has managed to gain a lot more support from fans over the years as he’s taken a different look at things than many of the heroes have and is not quite as quick to rush to judgment as many others are. The fact is that Loki is a lot more careful in his planning most times, even if he does still blunder into things now and then.

It’s hard to agree with villains until they start making sense.

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