One Season is All 1899 Gets

One Season is All 1899 Gets

credit: 1899

One season is all 1899 gets, apparently. Why this show was cut by Netflix is uncertain, but there are a couple of reasons that people can think of. One is that it’s incredibly expensive, as it costs roughly 50 million Euros to make. 

That’s a lot of money for a show that came in as a relative unknown. The fact that it drew in so many viewers and turned them into fans is impressive. But it doesn’t appear that this is enough to keep the show around. Netflix has made a habit of dropping shows for a while now, and in all fairness, this is just another one. However, it is also equally fair to say that fans are a bit tired of seeing shows drop like stones. 

The setting and the story appeared sound in this show, which makes one think that the cost was a bigger factor than most. There is the belief that unless a show is a slam dunk that it might not keep its place though. Any show that isn’t bound to become a phenomenon could find the chopping block. 

Of course, it doesn’t help that the Wednesday series came out around the same time. 

One Season is All 1899 Gets

credit: 1899

This show does have the same feel as many others

Every show feels unique at some point. But somehow, this story feels like an amalgam of many other stories. The ensemble cast makes it feel like something that has come around before as well. But the idea that the show is entirely unique is what drew people to it in the first place. 

Every show and movie that comes along tries to do something new, and many succeed. Unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee success. Some shows manage to get by simply because they’re interesting enough to pursue for more than one season. In the recent past, though, Netflix has made it clear that a show has to display one or more qualities to stick around. 

Fans have made it clear what they think about this show. Yet somehow, there’s something missing, obviously, some crucial element that didn’t click into place. Going outside the lines felt like it was a quality this show possessed. However, it didn’t follow that path, and at this point, it’s too late. 

The ensemble cast is not a failsafe against cancelation

Adding more actors to a cast tends to have several different effects for a lot of shows. But for 1899 it appeared that it would work in ways that could keep the show running for a while. This show had what it needed in terms of a cast, which is why it’s a bit confusing that it wasn’t slated to last. 

Ensemble casts also tend to work if there are several actors that are known to a wide audience. Otherwise, it does take a bit more to invest in the actors as well as the story. Had the cost of the show been justified by a greater return, this show might have worked. 

As of now, one can’t help thinking that ensemble casts are great when they work. But they’re not a guarantee that things will work out. 

One Season is All 1899 Gets

credit: 1899

Immigrant stories are hit-and-miss at times

Stories of immigrants making their way from one land to another can come off as great tales for everyone to enjoy. But then again, it’s also possible that fans have seen such stories more than once. The inclusion of secrets, hidden pasts, motives that aren’t clear, that kind of thing spices up a story but can also grow tiring. 

It’s also fair to state that somehow, said stories almost always come out sounding the same by the time the end of the season rolls around. At some point, there’s always a twist, and that’s also where the biggest risk tends to lie. 1899 had a chance, just like every other show, to impress its audience. 

It appeared to have done so, but that didn’t save it. Plus, thinking that it could remain as unique as possible was a bit optimistic. Every show that comes along is going to have something that makes it different than any other. But at the end of the day, it needs justification for sticking around. At this time, it doesn’t sound as though the show 

The cliffhanger was enough to get many fans thinking a season 2 was imminent

The way this show ended managed to hook a lot of people. Apparently, a lot of fans are ready to say anything to bring this show back, but it doesn’t sound as though this will happen. It might happen that 1899 will eventually find its way back to the small screen, but it won’t come soon. 

As of now, 1899 has had its time in the sun, and it’s time to head on down the trail. Hopefully, someone else will see the value in the show and try to pick it up. But as of now, nothing is planned. 

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