Scorpion: Election Vote Fraud and Walter Becomes U.S. Citizen


Today is the day that Americans will choose a new president for the next four years. Though in this week’s episode of Scorpion, there’s a chance that there won’t be a president at all. Oh, and I loved the play on the famous quote from the movie Jaws for the episode title. Very nice.

The episode began with the FBI, instructed by the president, to enlist the help of Team Scorpion to help fix the Penter Server. The server though kept cold in the ocean water, has begun to overheat. It turns out that there is a bug in the server’s software to remove the tallied votes. I wonder who put it there?

As the case progressed, the team found out that the White House wasn’t behind the Penter Server hack at all like they previously thought. It was Chinese hackers. The sneaks operated from the Chinese Embassy in Los Angeles. The president’s Chief of Staff told Walter onboard Air Force One that China wants control of the Arctic Canal and they removed the votes so that America would be a country without a president. Wow. Just. Wow.

Also, I have a small bone to pick with the way that Walter was able to get onto the tarmac. The Secret Service pre-cleared the caterer so they should know what he looks like, right? If that’s the case, then Walter shouldn’t have been able to board the plane at all.

Speaking of Walter, the genius had to sit this case out in the beginning due to his non-citizenship status. Though the genius still managed to contact the rest of the team with Ralph’s help. The part where the FBI agent caught Walter trying to hide a comm had me chuckling. So much for being discreet, hmm, Walter? I totally agreed with Ralph when he told Walter that the latter should have taken Paige dancing when he had the chance. They could have been partners forever.

Another humorous moment in the episode was when Sylvester pretended to be someone from the Amercian News Center. His British accent reminds me of James Corden’s. That or Dick Van Dyke’s version of it in Mary Poppins. Also, the part at the beginning of the episode where Ralph interviewed various Team Scorpion members was quite funny. Especially the part where Agent Gallo recounted his technology mishap and falling for Toby’s prank with the wi-fi thermostat. That and when Ralph said “crap pile” as he went to edit his video project. Thanks a lot, Agent Gallo.

In the end, all the votes went back into the Penter Server after Agent Gallo removed the bug software from the Chinese official’s laptop. The English/Chinese keyboard overlay that Happy implemented was cool. Though what self-respecting laptop, made in China or otherwise, would not have the QWERTY format on the keyboard? I mean, come on! I got my laptop from Taiwan, and it has English characters on it instead of all Chinese characters.

When Happy said that she wasn’t pregnant at the end of the episode almost made me cry. The mechanical prodigy was so looking forward to having a family of her own. Shame the pregnancy turned out to be an after effect of cadmium poisoning. At least she finally said yes to Toby’s marriage proposal so yay for Quintis wedding! Oh, big congrats to Walter on finally becoming an official U.S. Citizen! Apple pies for everyone!

One last thing before I sign off, I don’t think that this whole Paige and Tim thing is going to work out. The liaison is clearly not over Walter, and I’m sure that Walter’s not over Paige. You all saw his face when Paige walked down the stairs in that gorgeous blue dress (which I’m too short to pull off and too poor to probably afford) right? It’s also clear that Ralph wants Walter to be his stepfather, not Tim. I also hope that Sylvester can save his beloved comic book store.

Photo via CBS

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