Michigan Meteorologist On-Air Rants To Coworkers Who Complain About All The Cold Weather

As a meteorologist in Michigan right now you would think that it’d be kind of depressing having to tell everyone that it’s going to be cold outside, again. But this guy’s rant to his coworkers that continually complain about the cold weather could have been done at a different time really. It might very well be cold but what other people think shouldn’t be the defining factor to this guy’s mood. Honestly he probably gets calls just like any other meteorologist about how he’s to blame for the weather. Ridiculous as that is it seems that these folks that do this job shrug it off most times and keep moving forward. So why can’t he just do the same with his coworkers?

It might have something to do with the fact that he has to see them constantly and therefore they’re harder to ignore. But it could also be that he’s a bit too sensitive and simply needs to calm down and go take a break after this newscast. Seriously, weather forecasters do have the unenviable job of reporting the weather, be it good or bad, to the public and then being blamed for it. But at the same time they should be among those folks that simply know how to get away for just a few minutes and calm themselves so that they can continue the job. They don’t have to be completely upbeat about it but they do need to be able to do what they’ve been hired on for just like any other working stiff. Having hurt feelings at your job doesn’t necessarily mean that you get to rant at your coworkers in front of the whole country, or wherever you broadcast to, so that others can hear you. Oh yeah, this guy was on-air and live to the many that might have been watching. Hopefully this clip was either redone or the guy was given a talking to at the very least about what was expected.

Obviously he’s doing a good enough job to be there, but taking off on your coworkers in such a fashion is never okay in the workplace. There’s a time and place for everything and on the air is not one of those places unless you’re looking to disgrace the job you’re in. This forecaster was obviously feeling a bit down about how people were constantly complaining about the weather, which in Michigan just looks cold, but that’s really not his concern. He’s there to report on the weather, to tell people what it’s going to be like for the next seven days, and if they get cranky about it to smile and say ‘that’s tough’. People complaining about the weather is nothing new and it won’t be likely to change any time soon. So long as it’s warmer and nicer somewhere else people are always going to lament living where it’s colder and wetter more times out of the year.

But hey, that’s life. No one’s forcing anyone to live anywhere really. Well, unless you happen to be incarcerated, but that’s an entirely different discussion.

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