So, What’s Next for The MonsterVerse?

So, What’s Next for The MonsterVerse?

So, What’s Next for The MonsterVerse?

It’s understandable that there was a bit of skepticism before Godzilla vs. Kong finally reached HBO Max and theaters since the movies before this epic clash hadn’t really performed the way that people expected, somehow. Seriously, they’re movies about giant monsters that have to be overcome somehow and with forces that the monsters can tear through without any trouble. That alone should get people thinking that the movie is going to bring something to bear that will be at least a little bit impressive, but apparently that wasn’t the case. As of now though, Godzilla vs. Kong is being thought of as one of the better, if not best, movies of 2021, and a lot of people want to know what might be next for the remaining titans, however many there might be. The only downside is that throughout the opening credits of Godzilla vs. Kong, the board was lit up with the number of titans that had been ‘defeated’, which unfortunately might mean that the lot of them are dead since Godzilla isn’t really known for leaving his enemies alive when all is said and done, but it’s possible perhaps that a few of them are still breathing and were left to nurse their wounds after the ensuing battle. Plus, it’s a little more confusing than some might realize since at the end of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, we saw every titan bowing to the big lizard in submission. This kind of makes a person think that Godzilla’s being kind of a jerk for taking out every titan he can, or that the titans might have been feeling a bit froggy and jumped at the wrong moment. Whatever the explanation is, people now want to know what’s in store for the MonsterVerse since like it or not, folks want to see more. 

Right now it feels likely that we haven’t seen the last of the titans since the monsters tend to carry the movies with minimal to supportive help from the human actors that take part in these movies. As of now, it’s hard to say if any other titans can be feasibly brought back, or if new titans are waiting to be discovered in Hollow Earth, but the implication is that such a thing would need to happen since at the moment there aren’t a lot of other ideas being brought forward in order to keep pushing the MonsterVerse. There’s also a healthy amount of criticism to be dealt with since the copying of the MCU’s idea of creating a cinematic universe has been up for debate for a while now since it’s happened more than once now. The argument could be made that the denizens of the MonsterVerse have been around for much longer than the idea of the MCU, which is true, but back in the early days of the titans, the idea of lumping them together into a single universe wasn’t really the overriding thought. It especially needs to be taken into account that a universe has a lot more to it than people appear to recall since if we’re talking about galaxies then it’s likely that the alien version of titans, like Ghidorah, might be able to be explained in a little more depth, thereby creating other stories that might entertain the masses. 

Just think of it, since Ghidorah wasn’t a local titan it could be that his origin could be used to come up with another possible threat to the earth if more titans like Ghidorah were unleashed upon the galaxy. Obviously the implications wouldn’t be that easy to draw up into a story since Kong and Godzilla are earth-based creatures. But there’s potential there and there’s still potential within the world since one has to imagine that not even Godzilla could wipe out every titan without suffering a few heavy injuries. Kong has benefited from being sequestered on Skull Island for so long, but with the island still caught in a storm, the Hollow Earth is now his home. It’s fair to think though that there might be a few nasties within the Hollow Earth setting as well that Kong might have to deal with, which could turn into another movie, and possibly another collaboration between Kong and Godzilla, but a lot of people are thinking that it’s time to let the two of them rest simply because this movie was well-liked, but it’s still something that requires a bit of downtime following the confrontation to get people in the mood to see it again. The level of fatigue with monster movies is kind of awkward at times since a lot of people are of the mind that such movies need to happen more often, while others are inclined to warn against movie fatigue since the stories, when not properly written, can get old very quickly. But as to what’s next, that’s anyone’s guess. 

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