10 Things You Didn’t Know about Odelya Halevi

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Odelya Halevi

She’s the new girl on an established show, so it’s only natural the world wants to get to know her better. Her name is Odelya Halevi, and she is the new girl on the “Law & Order,” set. She’s making waves already as she takes on her new role, and the world wants to know more about her. The famous show is coming back, complete with many of the original cast members, but also with a number of new faces. She’s a new face, and now we want to know more about her.

1. She is from Israel

She’s from Israel, and she’s only been in the United States for approximately 14 years. She came here back in 2008, and she’s been here ever since. Her own heritage will not be played out in the show, though. She’ll be portraying a Lebanese woman.

2. She Has Always Loved the Show

She’s been a fan since childhood, and getting to be part of this show is like a dream come true for her. She’s someone who is living her dream at the moment, and it’s been a wonderful time for her. She loves her costars, and the work environment has been very good to her.

3. She Dreamed of Law

We mentioned she watched the show as a child, and it’s been something that’s stuck with her since. When she watched growing up, she was convinced that her future was law school and becoming an attorney. However, she is doing something even cooler by playing an attorney on television without all the law school and the LSATs and the rest of that.

4. She’s Always Loved Acting

Despite the fact that she thought she’d become an attorney growing up, she’s always had a passion for acting. There is not a time in her life she can recall not dreaming of acting and becoming a famous face in the Hollywood industry. She loves it.

5. She Loves the Validation

If you ask her what it is that makes her want to act and what she loves about it, it’s the validation she gets from it. She loves to be loved and liked, and she loves for people to enjoy her work. She’s proud to be a role model others look up to, and she is so excited she gets to live this life.

6. She Came to LA Without Much English

She took a leap of faith in wanting to move to the States to become an actress, and she did it with vigor. While she didn’t speak much English at the time, she did it anyway. Many people would have thought about it, but they would have left it a dream while they told themselves they couldn’t possibly since they didn’t know the language.

7. She is a Commercial Star

When she first began acting, it was few jobs here and there in the commercial industry. Did you know, for instance, she did a commercial for GM’s OnStar brand? It’s a cool idea, and she got to do it. She was learning English, booking commercials, and making things happen even when she didn’t really know what to expect from her move.

8. She Found Her Faith in LA

She very much misses her religion and her faith in Israel, but she is happy to have found a community of like-minded people of the same faith in LA. She finds the time to go to temple, and she makes it a point to connect to her religion often. It reminds her so much of her life before she was in LA, and it reminds her of her childhood.

9. She is Proud of Her Heritage

Her life is a good one, and she knows it. However good it is now, though, she will never forget her childhood and where she comes from. She knows that where you are as a child and where you come from are the core roots of all your values and the things that you stand for, and she is a firm believer that no one should ever forget where they came from.

10. She’s Family Oriented

She’s doing her thing, and she is doing it well. However, she is also a woman who is doing big things in her own mind. She misses her family a lot, but she will be back in Israel at some point. She visits with them, but she would also like to do some work there at some point. The entertainment industry in Israel is booming at the moment, and she’d like to be part of it. LA

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