Obi-Wan Kenobi: Part III-Recap

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Part III-Recap

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Part III-Recap

If anyone believed that things couldn’t get any worse for Obi-Wan after Order 66, they might have forgotten that Darth Vader still held a huge grudge against his former master in regards to his condition, since Anakin Skywalker went through hell just trying to survive. Sheer hatred and rage were all that kept him going at one point, at least until the technological horror that was done to him was finished. For those thinking that this is the first time that Vader ever suited up though, it needs to be observed that not only was Vader up and operational for the past decade, but there was a novel written describing the pain and agony he went through in his earliest years following his initial fittings. It has to be understood that Anakin’s ingenuity and know-how when it comes to machines allowed Vader to become the marvel he is since with new fittings, tweaked cybernetics, and a much more efficient process, Vader became the absolute terror he’s been for so long. And poor Kenobi, who was under the illusion that Anakin was dead, was in no way ready for what he had to deal with. 

This is where the continuity breaks down a bit though since it might irk some fans to see Kenobi and Vader lock up in this series but up until now, it was believed that A New Hope was when Kenobi and Vader finally saw each other again. Of course, the retcon that’s been going on for a while has managed to draw a great deal of irritation from fans, but they’ve rolled with it as much as they could for many years. This time around though it almost feels as though the franchise is on its way to being rebooted as it continues to move forward in a manner that suggests a few changes might be coming. 

The fact that Vader was dismissive of Reva’s actions against the Grand Inquisitor, and even hinted at granting her the same title if she came through for him, makes it clear that the Sith Lords don’t value their people nearly as much. The idea that they actively allow the inquisitors to fight among themselves is kind of ruthless, but it also makes certain that there are no weak individuals within the fold. The thing about this however is that while it’s been seen that Reva is one of the most ruthless inquisitors, she’s not the strongest, as one of them, the next in line, was able to hold her in a Force grasp. Thanks to her communication with Vader though, Reva was able to get her way and keep things moving as they hunt for Kenobi and Leia continued. Thankfully, the young princess has toned down her ire just a bit, but she’s every bit as fiery as she was in the first two episodes since she has a very definite way of doing things that obviously vexes Ben a bit, even though he goes along with them. The fact that Ben is tortured by his past, and by everything he’s seen, and the people he’s lost, is kind of obvious. But it doesn’t mean he’s lost his ability to fight. 

When a mole-like creature gives Leia and Ben, who give false names, a ride to where they’re going, things go sideways quickly when the creature rats them out to the stormtroopers that are stationed at an outpost that happens to be in the way. It’s kind of interesting to see Obi-Wan use a blaster when he considers them clumsy and uncivilized, but when the moment calls, he’s still pretty good with one. Upon reaching the safe house where he and Leia are to be ferried off-world though, his confrontation with Darth Vader is anything but what people might have expected. Being literally thrown into a raging fire is a type of brutal justice that many might have cringed to see, but in Anakin’s mind, or rather, Vader’s, it was fitting since he’d burned the last time they’d met. But it’s too apparent that Vader’s grudge against Obi-Wan is still very strong. What Reva has against him though is still kind of a mystery since nothing has been fully revealed yet. 

There was at least one interesting note, as Kenobi mentioned Quinlan Vos, another Jedi that was active during the Clone Wars and is well-known through graphic novels and the animated series. It would be great to see Quinlan represented in this series, especially since he’s one of the few Jedi who crossed over to the dark side of the Force, well, almost, and made his way back to the light. Quinlan is a powerful Jedi, and he was alive by the end of the Clone Wars as he’d formed his own small family at that time. Whatever happens next, the story is getting good, and hopefully, there are plenty more surprises to come. 

Order 66

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