10 Things You Didn’t Know about Noah Harpster

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Noah Harpster

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Noah Harpster

Noah Harpster has accomplished more in his life as an actor than many people who have worked longer than he has. At 46, he’s crossed off things like successful actor nominated for an Emmy and a Golden Globe (and many more awards), writer, director, and producer off his lists of things to do and accomplish before he dies. Most people will spend their life chasing one dream, and he’s already accomplished many of his own. He’s a man worth admiring, and he’s a man worth getting to know outside of his characters. After all, he’s not really like Remy, the overwhelming character he played in “One Mississippi,” is he? Let’s find out.

1. He is Really Tall

When a man is 6 feet, no one bats an eye. When a man is six feet, two inches tall, suddenly he’s exceptionally tall – and we imagine that Harpster spends a great deal of his own time saying things like, “No, I’m not a basketball player,” when he’s out and about. He is tall, he is 46, and he was born in 1976, but we don’t know when he was born that year. He likes to keep things to himself.

2. It Took Him a Decade To Make His Mr. Rogers Movie

Did you know that Noah Harpster is the man behind “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” the movie about everyone’s darling friend, Mr. Rogers? We all know Mr. Rogers. We all have memories associated with him from our own childhood. For example, I remember how much my grandmother and I loved to sit down together and watch the show – and she had her own Lambchop at her house that we could play with when we were over. She died last year at the age of 102 still healthy, vibrant, and young, and every time I see Mr. Rogers, I think of that time with her. The point here is that Harpster is the man who created this film, and it took him a solid decade to make it happen.

3. He is Exceptionally Patient

Ten years is a long time to work on one project, and he did it. He knew that this would never be a traditional story because this is a man who is literally exactly what you see and what you get. However, he is a man who touched the lives of so many, and Harpster knew his story would work from that angle.

4. Tom Hanks Turned Them Down

He was the writer’s first choice to play the role of Mr. Rogers, but he turned down Harpster the first time he sent a script to Hanks. He politely declined, Harpster thought that was that, and he didn’t think of it again. However, his director later asked for a chance to see if she could get the famous actor to take on the role, and well, you know the rest.

5. He is Married

He is married to a woman whose name is Robin Harpster, and that is all we know about her. He’s not a man who does a lot of personal life conversations, and she is not someone with a public social media page. However, she’s lovely, and she is apparently quite the card shark when it comes to playing games such as UNO.

6. He’s a Dog Man

More than anything else in his life, he shares photos of his dogs on his social media pages. His Instagram page has a blue check, so we know this is his dog, and we get the feeling he really loves the dog. We get it, too. The dog is adorable.

7. He’s Outdoorsy

Something else we can ascertain from his online presence is that he appreciates being outdoors. He likes to fish, to be near the water, to be on his back porch with his grill, to hang outside with his dog, to photograph the sunsets. He’s all of us all wrapped up in one love of the outdoors.

8. He’s Been with His Wife a Long Time

If you spend enough time going through someone’s Instagram page, you can find out more than you think you can. For example, we know that Noah Harpster asked his wife to marry him approximately 19 years ago around 2003-ish on a mountain called Lizards Mouth.

9. He’s Very Private

He is a storyteller in every manner of speaking, yet he is something of a private man. We know next to nothing about him as a person, and that kind of mystery makes him all the cooler in our opinion.

10. He’s a Baseball Fan

Noah Harpster is a baseball fan. A Dodgers fan, to be precise. He posts photos of the games, screenshots of the games, and of himself watching games in his jersey with his dog by his side. He’s a fan.

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