Discovering Noah Galvin: 5 Fascinating Facts About the Rising Star

Discovering Noah Galvin: 5 Fascinating Facts About the Rising Star

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Noah Galvin began his acting career less than a decade ago, but it’s almost as if he’s been in the business much longer. His strong onscreen presence mirrors that of veterans, and his acting chops are undeniable. Since making his acting debut in 2013, Galvin has been cast in nearly a dozen roles.

However, he is best known for his work on shows like Co-Ed and on movies like Booksmart. With the best years of his career still ahead of him, it’s safe to say we’re going to see a lot of great things from Galvin. In the spirit of going on (and on) about the star, here are a few interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Noah Galvin.

1. He Once Had A Teenage Guardian

Noah Galvin 1

Once Noah Galvin realized he wanted to act, it was obvious he had to take advantage of every opportunity that came his way. So, when he was a mere 10 years old, Galvin went out on tour to perform in Les Miserables. However, his hectic schedule became an issue since both his parents were working full-time. As such, the family decided to hire a 19-year-old guardian to accompany him on the road.

2. He Was Raised Jewish And Catholic


The actor grew up in Westchester County, New York, with both his parents. Interestingly, his father is Catholic, and his mother is Jewish. So, they decided to do the fair thing and bring him up in both faiths. As such, he was confirmed in the Catholic church, and he also had a Bar Mitzvah.

3. He Came Out When He Was 14

Noah Galvin 3

Coming out of the closet isn’t an easy thing to do, but somehow Noah Galvin found the courage to do it when he was 14 years old. However, his coming out story was a little different than most. He told Vulture, that his mother asked him “over a series of a few months, “Are you gay? Do you think you’re gay?” I was like 13. The next year she would ask me, like, every few months if I was gay. Finally, I was like, yeah. She jumped up and down and was like, best friends forever! And I was like, oh fuck, what have I done? [Laughs.]

4. He Used To Work For The Circus


Noah Galvin has had a lot of cool experiences in his life. One of them was the chance to work for Cirque Du Soleil when he was 13. He spent a year and a half working as a singer with Cirque Du Soleil while completing his school work on the road.

5. He Feels The Most At Home On Stage


Noah Galvin 2

Throughout his career, Galvin has gotten the chance to act on the big screen, the small screen, and the stage. Out of all three, he says that theater is where he feels the most at home. Ideally, he’d like to make a lot of money from his on-screen work so he can take a break from being on camera and spend time doing plays in New York.

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