‘Black Panther’ Sequel Confirmed by Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige

Well you can now assume that T’Challa will survive the Infinity War since there’s a Black Panther sequel that’s been confirmed by Marvel Studio’s Kevin Feige. It should have been an easy assumption to make since the hype leading into the movie, which is still holding steady at it’s top position, was so great that it kind of had to be that awesome. The only worry at this point is that with a sequel the initial drive might be kind of lessened as people are going to want something bigger, better, and even more amazing than the first one. So far the MCU has delivered on that desire and continues to amaze people, but there is always a tipping point to where it becomes too much and where it fails to impress any longer. A good example would be Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which was great and widely loved but still didn’t quite measure up to the third or first film.

Thor is another trilogy that’s failed to impress with the second film, as was Iron Man. The initial verve gets lost it seems from the first to the second movie, so it’s going to be interesting to see if Black Panther can break that trend and come out with something that will continue to stun people with the story and the effects. It’s also not known yet just what the story is going to be about since the idea just got the green light and now the brainstorming has to begin. Some people are already claiming that there should be, in the true Marvel tradition, a way to bring Killmonger back since his death in the first movie kind of precludes a longstanding rivalry between him and T’Challa wasn’t fully explored in the first movie. Keep in mind that Killmonger was a thorn in the side of Wakanda for some time, not just for a short period in which he deposed the king and took his place. Plus, finding a way to bring Klaue back as well would be interesting since his character has been around in the comics for too long to just ship him off and be done with him.

There might be a problem with feasibility and making such things believable for the movie but weirder things have been done, and since the next movie will be taking place after Infinity War there’s a lot that could be explained as the result of Thanos messing around with the gauntlet and upsetting the natural order of life and death. Who’s to say that his eventual defeat and the control of the infinity gauntlet by someone else couldn’t have the ramifications of bringing back certain characters that were thought to be dead? It’s a very workable scenario that could have huge implications for the MCU now that they’re merging with Fox and could bring a number of people back from the grave to continue making movies and keep the blockbusters rolling for new generations still to come.

It’s worth a thought at least.

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