Netflix Summarizes Stranger Things Season One With Video Game Themed Trailer

Netflix Summarizes Stranger Things Season One With Video Game Themed Trailer

Stranger Things Season 2

It’s interesting to watch how Stranger Things season 1 gets summarized so neatly using a video game trailer. Considering the time period in which the show takes place it’s extremely fitting and even kind of hilarious. Toaster waffles as power-ups, a Sass bonus, and a critical hit near the end was awesome. This is only going to get fans for stoked for the upcoming season that’s not too far away now.

The text boxes are a nice touch, so are the boxes that show the options of surrender or fight. The leveling up is great since it tells you that you’re progressing throughout the story. Poor Barb though, getting relegated to a Game Over with the option of skipping over her death. Most fans might not feel the same way.

Also the indicator bar that goes down when Eleven uses her powers is pretty cool as it shows just how low she’s getting in terms of energy, which fully explains why she’s looking so haggard. But the To Be Continued at the end? That just seems like a giant raspberry to fans despite how cool it is. Oh well, it’s still too funny and it’s cool to watch over and over again as you can remember the different parts of the movie and what happened.

It also fits with the idea of the boys in the show as well since they are quite obviously gamers and don’t intend to change heading into season 2. It’s a bit nostalgic to see the game Dragon’s Lair in an actual arcade once again since at this time the only place you can really find the game, if you look, is in the app store or online. A number of the things you can see in Stranger Things are throwbacks that are not readily available in this day and age, but are still accessible if you know where to look. In fact, toaster waffles might be one of the few things that are actually still found in abundance, though they’ve changed in appearance since then.

I do wonder if Eleven should have gotten a disintegration bonus since she straight up destroyed Demogorgon, or so it appeared anyway. And maybe they could have added the “to be continued” after Will had vomited up the slug. That would have made an ominous cliffhanger just as it did in the show. During the credits they could have even show Hopper leaving the toaster waffles on the stump and subtract three waffles from the inventory. Just some further ideas is all.

Maybe the same folks that did this could even whip up a trailer for the upcoming season and see if it sparks any more interest from fans and those who are still on the edge of watching the show. There’s nothing better for getting people interested after all than a great trailer. Gamers especially might enjoy the quality and idea behind this and decide that the show is worth a look at least.

I’m still laughing over the sass bonus given to Eleven. That’s the best.


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