A Netflix Price Hike is On Its Way

A Netflix Price Hike is On Its Way

So naturally when people hear that they have to pay more money for something they start to freak out and panic and wonder why God is allowing this and why the company they’re already paying is being so mean to them. That’s when a lot of folks need to take a chill pill and seriously sit down and breathe for a few minutes. One reason why Netflix is raising prices, but isn’t discussed nearly as often, is that they need to keep up with the competition and losing movies and shows occasionally can limit their effective roster and therefore force people to look elsewhere for their entertainment.

Another reason could be that Disney is pulling out eventually and will be forming their own streaming network. Then there’s the idea that they could be trying to make back some of the insane amount of money they’ve been spending on original programming and the acquisition of movies and shows that people want to see. The company has got to find a way back into the black at this point, since apparently, according to previous articles, they are firmly in the red at this time.

That’s right, Netflix is not in a good way right now. The company has been so busy expanding their roster and attempting to find the best movies and shows for their viewers that their debt has been climbing for the last several years until now when they are just barely keeping their heads near the surface of the metaphorical water. There’s always been the issue of being able to stay on top and compete with the other networks but at this time their position at the top is precarious at best and won’t last all that long if they can’t find a way to bring in more revenue.

As with any business if you over-extend yourself you tend to pay the price when you reach a little too far. This means that Netflix could be tripping over their own ambitions if they don’t find a way to bolster their forward progress and avoid falling into a pit that they dug and are trying to avoid. This could be a very real reason for why they’re bumping up the price of a subscription and won’t be grandfathering anything in. There’s no loyalty reward for customers that have been with them for years, no bonus for having stood by them for so long, and nothing that even remotely says “thank you” for being a trusty customer for more than a few months. There’s just an extra charge that tells the customer that ‘we’re experiencing difficulties right now so we need a little extra effort on your part’.

To be fair they’ve given a lot of great shows and movies for people to watch for relatively little money, so kicking in another dollar or two a month isn’t really that big of a deal for a lot of people. But if you find yourself offended that you’re being asked to give more for a quality network then maybe it’s time to move on and find a network that won’t raise the prices when they find it necessary. Good luck with that.


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