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Credit: Tulsa King

It’s another week in Tulsa, and it’s another few issues that Dwight has to deal with as he comes to realize that the Oklahoma town isn’t going to bend itself to his will quite that easily, no matter that he’s managed to walk in and impose his will. Tyson’s father, Mark, is becoming increasingly uneasy about his son’s involvement with a former mob boss, which is easy to understand after Tyson, Bodhi, and the others have a run-in with the Black Macadam MC as they fend off a pair of the bikers initially, only to be beaten down by the entire group at a later date. It’s not tough to see how this life might not be for Tyson since it’s obvious that he’s not the biggest guy and he’s not the most aggressive, and neither is Bodhi and his coworkers. But the thing is, this is right up Dwight’s alley, and after dealing with Manny, who tried to kill him during the last episode, and making sure that Manny knows that he works for Dwight again and owes him a weekly payment, he turns his attention to the biker gang. While he doesn’t go scorched earth on the MC, it’s evident that such a thing might need to happen since if there’s one thing that shows like this have made clear, a group that’s already staked out a territory and has dominated for years isn’t just going to tuck tail and run. 

Credit: Tulsa King

Tyson has a lot of heart, but it’s fair to think that he still doesn’t realize what he’s getting himself into. 

As a 25-year-old college dropout, Tyson is the kind of guy that appears to have no real clue what he wants to do in life, but working for Dwight has undoubtedly opened his eyes to a wider world, at least slightly. The only problem is that he’s not a wise guy, and he’s not a tough guy since he was dropped easily and isn’t physically imposing in the least. There’s definite respect to be given to him since he’s learned a bit from Dwight, and he was there to hand a beatdown to the Black Macadam in order to get the nitrous tanks back and to make sure that the MC knew that they’d messed with the wrong people. But unless Tyson toughens up and wises up a bit, it does feel as though life is only going to get harder for him as things move along. 

Bodhi came out with a surprising amount of aggression. 

For someone who gets called a hippie and has a serious problem with getting aggressive, even with raising his voice, in fact, Bodhi turned on the anger tap a bit when the fight started, and it was fun to see. The whining he did before the fight about getting hit in the face and the constant questioning as to whether Dwight had a plan or not that didn’t involve violence went out the window when the fighting started since, after getting punched in the gut, Bodhi picked up a bat and started swinging like a newbie at the plate, kind of all over the place, but definitely with enough force to start taking down any biker that crossed his path. To be completely honest, Bodhi is a decent guy that doesn’t like to be aggressive, but the fact that he turned it on probably caused a few smiles in the audience since everyone has a breaking point. 

Credit: Tulsa King

Strangely, getting into the thick of a job appears to have invigorated Manny. 

It’s fair to say that Manny was a sniveling mess in the last episode, and he wasn’t much better at the beginning of this episode since the moment that his wife found out that his past had followed him to Tulsa, she read him the riot act and even blamed him for her resuming her drinking habit. Now to be certain, Manny is no prize, but the dressing down he received from his wife wasn’t exactly warranted since everyone has a past, and some manage to outlive or outrun theirs. But by the end of the episode, Manny was reminding her who the man of the house was and had also reminded the neighbor across the street why you don’t train your dog to take a dump on someone else’s property. 

It remains to be seen if Mark is going to be a thorn in Dwight’s side or will stay out of his business when it comes to Tyson. 

Mark is a concerned father, there’s no way to deny this, and while he might be hard on Tyson, it’s because he cares and wants to see his son do well in life, and he wants him to survive to see the age of 30 and beyond. But when he tracks Tyson down and then tells Dwight that he’s coming along, it’s easy to see that he’s not ready to fully condemn Dwight, but he’s not ready to accept him as well. The fact that Mark tells Tyson that he always has a home if he chooses to come back makes it clear that he loves his son, but he can’t approve of his chosen lifestyle. Hey, fathers want the best for their kids. 

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