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credit: Tulsa King

There’s something about acclimating to a new town that a lot of people simply don’t get initially, especially if they’re experiencing a bit of a culture shock. When you’re Dwight, however, a new place offers up new opportunities and chances to create something that might actually be better than what came before. It would appear that this is still hard to say since the idea that things have improved that much hasn’t sunk in quite yet, especially given that Dwight is still pining for his lost position in New York, at least a little bit. He’s hiding it well, given that his position in Tulsa is growing stronger as he continues to keep a firm eye on the dispensary that he took over. It would appear that he’s even looking to start up another business venture after discovering that nitrous oxide is a favorite party drug of many people half his age and younger. Let it never be said that Dwight doesn’t have a head for business, especially when it comes to making a good chunk of money. With the need to pay off a $100k debt, it’s actually kind of smart. 

NEC PC Monitor In Tulsa King S01E03 "Caprice" (2022)

credit: Tulsa King

It looks as though Dwight might have another couple of issues to worry about. 

In a TV show or a movie, it’s usually kind of likely that if there’s one drug farm in a given area, there’s bound to be another that will pop up or that exists somewhere close since competition is a part of what keeps things interesting. But seeing how the competition appears to be the backwoods type that enjoys tangling with the cops and covering things up with an explosion here and there, it might be that Dwight will have a difficult time dealing with these individuals if he has to, especially given that he’s old school from New York, and dealing with the type of criminals that are being revealed might not be the type of fight that he wants to find himself in. 

If his people are trying to take him out, it might be that Dwight will have to form his own crew. 

Imagine taking a driver’s test and being shot at by a would-be assassin that’s not smart enough to wait for a better shot. It appears to be amateur hour when Dwight not only survives but also ends up trailing his attacker down. One can’t help but feel a little sorry for his driving instructor, who does appear to be a bit of a nancy when it comes to pain. Then again, a lot of people might find it difficult to deal with a drive-by shooting that came out of nowhere, especially if they were wounded badly enough to be sent to the hospital. It’s also fair to say that a lot of people might be kind of freaked out if a mobster asked them to use their legitimate business to find the person that nearly killed them. 

Credit: Tulsa King

Dwight has a moral dilemma on his hands now. 

It appears to be a lot easier on TV when an assailant doesn’t have anyone to go home to or anyone that depends on them. But as shows and movies have been highlighted more and more over the years, this is the easy way out, and it can create a very easy story to tell. Giving an assassin a family, an actual life, and something that they come home to humanizes them in a way that makes it tough to simply eliminate the individual without causing an even bigger problem. Dwight appears to figure this out when he tracks his assassin down, but it’s interesting to think about what he’ll end up doing when it comes to the next episode. If his suspicions are correct, it might end up pitting him against his former associates, which would be a fight that Tulsa might not survive unscathed. That would be a worthwhile finale, though, if such a thing were to happen, though it does make it feel as though a season 2, if such a thing is in the cards, wouldn’t exactly be easy to write. 

The more interactions he has with the people of the town, the bigger Dwight’s network appears to get. 

This was bound to happen since Dwight made it clear that he was a man who knew how to get to people and how to convince them that his way was the smart way to go. It’s likely that he’ll meet resistance as he continues along, but up until that point, it’s easy to see that he has the chutzpah and the capability for violence that he needs to make it clear to others that if he can’t ask nicely, he’ll do things another way. So far, this show is interesting enough to keep watching, but it does appear as though it’s about to pick up. 

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