Claws Season 4 Episode 6: “Greed” Recap

It’s official! Desna has crossed over and become one of the villains of the show. In her quest of financial freedom she went from a nurturing, loving friend to a cold-blooded murderer. The boss lady continues her descent into the world of crime in Claws Season 4, Episode 6. The opening scene gives us a glimpse into Desna’s more softer side as her and Tony enjoy a beautiful dinner with Dean and Eve. Things are going well until Dean refers to Eve as his girlfriend. Eve makes it clear right off the back that she’s not his girlfriend but softens the blow by admiring that she doesn’t like label. She upsets Dean with this admission and he needs a moment to calm down.  It’s kind of refreshing to see that Desna let’s Dean deal with his emotions without coddling him. After all, Dean wanted to be recognized as an adult and it’s a good thing that he learn how to process his emotions.

“I’m glad we’re past that stage. You already know that you’re my girl,” Tony says to Desna. But instead of getting a co-sign he gets the cold hard truth. “I’m nobody’s girl,” Desna says. Eve and Desna’s stance brings them a little closer. The ladies all arrive at the shop at the same time to find Jenn passed out in one of the salon chairs with a novel. She spent the night in the salon. The girls confront her with how she has been dealing with the girls getting taken away and she deflects big time putting all the heat on Bryce who spends all his free time at the boxing gym while she copes with Oxy. Anyway, Desna has good news. They are making so much money from selling the pills that they can no longer clean all the money through the shop. That means it’s time to open another shop. Desna tells Jenn that she’ll be managing the other shop. Jenn is in no condition mentally to run a shop on her own.

Meanwhile Quiet Ann is looking for her exit plan. It’s astounding how much energy she has to be a pregnant woman. Ann is trying to expunge her record and looking to score a big payday so she can leave town for good.  She opens her mouth to Virginia about the hustle her and Uncke Daddy have selling drugs to the people on the cruise ships. Virginia promises not to tell but we already seem a similar situation oaky out on the earlier episodes where Ann betrayed Polly and stole business from Desna. Plus everybody knows that Virginia can’t hold water. I don’t know why Ann would open her mouth.

Uncle Daddy has been losing it. Over the last few episode he has somewhat redeemed himself and as Desna rises to power we almost feel bad for him. Uncle Daddy has been having hallucinations featuring his dead wife Juanda. Juanma wants him to focus on leaving behind a legacy. Bryce is really their only heir left. But Uncle Daddy never thought he was a good enough to take over the family business. It turns out that Uncle Daddy has his eyes set on Ann’s unborn child. He believes that Ann’s baby will be his protege. Most of Episode 6 takes place at the new shop. Now that Jenn is the manager she’s ready to take Desna’s advice and be more firm. So when Choi a rival nail salon owner in the area threatens her, Jenn roughs her up. Choi slaps Desna with a big lawsuit that will also interfere with Jenn’s and Bryce case. Choi blackmails Desna and instead of giving her the money she wants, Desna skills her thugged out nephew when he comes to pick up the cash. To be quite honest, the guy was a jerk but killing him was such a dramatic move.

Now that Choi sees what Desna is capable of her she does whatever she says even if that means putting her in contact with her connect down at the cruiseships. Uncke Daddy had Ann deliver a beat down to Desna pill pushers. Now they are no longer willing to take in the risk of working with her. Desna plans to steal Ann and Uncle Daddy’s hustle thanks to Virginia spilling the tea. But the connect at the cruise ship rejects her office because he prefers to honor the deals that he has already made. However, when his undocumented wife goes into labor Desna saves the day by bringing them to Eve the midwife training Dean. Dean has his first successful delivery. Now the connect owes Desna big time. Now at he ladies are going to focus on pushing their pills to the tourists. Desna always seems to get her way and she’s slowly but surely dethroning Uncle Daddy. But this new gangsta lifestyle she living comes with a cost. How much is she willing to give up to get rich?

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