What You Need to Know about Upcoming Film Suburbicon

The new film titled Suburbicon is a new and darker look at the 1950’s era. It will be a crime comedy that is going to feature a star-studded cast that will hopefully mesh well enough to make this a standout hit and one of Clooney’s better directorial attempts. With stars such as Matt Damon and Julianne Moore on board it’s already established that the cast will be top notch. We can only hope that the director and the writes will have worked together in way to bring about a masterful film that will be fully enjoyable.

Here are a few other things we know about Suburbicon at this point.

5. It will be directed by George Clooney.

Clooney is actually enjoying his time away from the spotlight at the moment as he focused on his directing skills. He’s worked with the Coen brothers before and feels very confident that this film should be another successful collaboration of ideas that could possibly rival one of their more famous movies, O Brother Where Art Thou. If Suburbicon is even half as good as that film then it should do well at the box office.

4. The movie will have a very dark theme.

Despite being lauded as a comedy the film is going to take a darker bent as the main character will be looking into the deeper and darker secrets of the town in which the story is set. As most moviegoers can guess the only thing that people digging for dirt tend to find is dirt, or trouble. Matt Damon seems perfect for this kind of role however and will no doubt do great.

3. The Coen brothers wanted Clooney to take the main role.

There is a presence that Clooney brings to the screen that even great actors like Matt Damon are still working on despite his obvious talent. It is something different with each man no doubt, but Clooney has a more comical lean to his character than Damon does despite their skills. However, Clooney was adamant that he be allowed to direct, and Damon has been heard to say that was more than excited to work with all of them.

2. It will be out in November.

Work on the film began back in October 2016, and after everything has been done and the last promo cut the movie will be released in early November. For a comedic thriller you might think it would enjoy a closer date near Halloween to give the audience a little more enticement to go see it. But this isn’t that kind of dark comedy, so it’s likely better that the film is coming out shortly after.

1. The movie will be set in the 1950’s. 

The era in which the movie is set is definitely considered one of the more innocent eras among the many. There were still plenty of issues to be had in America during this time, but the 50’s really seem like a time during which American’s were less apt to ask questions about a lot of things and simply accept their lot in life. That would be one reason why the plot is so great.

Suburbicon looks as though it might be a fun and entertaining movie to watch.


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