Ms. Marvel: “No Normal” Recap

Ms. Marvel: “No Normal” Recap

Ms. Marvel: “No Normal” Recap

Did anyone else happen to think that the Ms. Marvel finale was a little too anti-climactic? It did deliver in a few ways, such as the idea that Kamala’s neighborhood is in full support of her and that she’s a positive force where nearly everyone else has done some damage and had to deal with the fallout. This finale was kind of refreshing since the city wasn’t totally destroyed, though the school might need a bit of a cleanup, and there weren’t a lot of people seriously hurt, even if Kamran was losing control by the end. The fact that Kamala was seeking to protect Kamran, as well as the other people that were attempting to harm him, was impressive since it showed her power set expanding, and it made the clear fact that the power within her is something that’s not to be messed with idly. But given all that did happen in the episode, and there was plenty as loose ends were tied up or at least left in a way that makes sense, the overall ending was kind of, well, predictable. 

That post-credit ending deserves a big explanation. 

For those that stuck around long enough to see what happened in the post-credits scene, there’s a lot to be unpacked in that short amount of time, especially since this season is supposed to move right into The Marvels, as it’s already been stated. How that’s going to happen is going to be interesting since seeing Carol Danvers show up after the bangle appeared to whisk Kamala away is going to be something that a lot of fans are going to be wondering about. There might already be plenty of superfans that are checking the comics and trying to come up with the idea of what’s going to happen and what people should expect. But until there’s a definitive idea of what’s going on you can bet that a lot of people are going to be kind of confused. 

Will there be a second season?

There’s no definitive answer as to whether Ms. Marvel is going to get a season 2 at this time, especially since The Marvels is set to appear in theaters this coming November, which is coming up way too quickly at the moment. but if there is a season 2 it won’t come until well after the movie, and that means well into 2023. There are a lot of people, the cast included, who would like to see a season 2 roll around since it sounds as though the cast had a lot of fun making this show, and it’s kind of apparent since the result is a show that’s quite a bit different from a lot of the MCU properties that have come and gone. It doesn’t feature anyone having a serious mental break, there’s no massive collateral damage, and while Kamran did make his escape thanks to Kamala, it’s fair to state that his crimes were a little less than many other MCU characters that have come along. In other words, this show wasn’t exactly treated with kid gloves the entire way through, but it did push a positive message that required a bit of hardship to push through. 

Will Damage Control return?

There isn’t a lot of confidence in saying yes or no on this one since Damage Control could go one way or another as far as a lot of fans are concerned. The one thing that was unclear in this show is just who the worst villain really was. The Clandestine was without any doubt kind of hard to reconcile with since they had a goal to reach, but weren’t too picky about how they did it. Damage Control on the other hand felt like the wet blanket that was bound and determined to stop everyone no matter if they’d done anything noteworthy or not. In a very big way, it does feel as though Damage Control could be the type of bumbling agency that wants to be taken seriously but is the sad offshoot of one or more agencies that were actually effective. The fact that they went in like a hammer rather than a surgical instrument to extract the people they were after makes their image even worse, but if they come back it’s a hope that they’ll either be proper villains or at the very least, an agency that has their stuff together and is prepared for the people they’re going after. 

Was the finale that great?

This is a firm yes and kind of a no to be fair since the finale was a lot of fun and did move in a way that made sense for this particular character and those around her. But there were plenty of moments in which a person might have hoped that things would move a little quicker, or perhaps extend in a way that would make them last a little longer. But overall, Ms. Marvel was the kind of show that might have helped to redeem the MCU just a bit, at least on Disney+.

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