Who was the Person that Decided David Caruso Was a Tough Guy?

When you think of NYPD Blue you think of two people:  David Caruso and Dennis Franz.   Franz is the obviously rough and gruff guy.  I mean his appearance, face, voice, mustache, everything screams New York cop or detective.  But David Caruso?  This is a sweet looking man with a very calm demeanor.  And whether you’re a redhead or not you can’t deny that doesn’t exactly help his tough guy NYPD mystique much.   But there he was, killing it on NYPD for one season before taking off and trying to be a movie star.   By the way, I’m taking nothing away from David Caruso in any way.  He was great on NYPD Blue and he brought back that tough guy persona in CSI: Miami for ten years between 2002-2012.

Since that time we haven’t seen Caruso in anything.  But I’m just wondering.  Who in Hollywood or who anywhere said, “This is the guy.  He’s gonna be the tough New York cop type that rules television for the next year.”  As we all know, Caruso left the show to pursue movies which most people agree was a colossal mistake.   He did the movies Kiss of Death and Jade which actually weren’t bad but I think even Caruso knew he had to return to his success driving role, which is “cop.”

But again, who decided this?  Where did it come from? Because if I’m thinking of David Caruso, THIS is the role that I think of.   Passive.  Weak.  The guy that gets picked on.   Not, “guy who shouldn’t be trifled with.”

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