Movies That Need a Reboot: The Fly

This is actually kind of hard to say since I do like this movie, but it might be time to reboot The Fly and not worry too much about destroying any legacy that might have been built by Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis. The movie they starred in was great since despite being a bit campy and definitely gross it was great as well because both Jeff and Geena made it work to near perfection. Goldblum especially made this movie work since from being the overly curious scientist that was a little too quick to move forward when his machine had yet to be perfected, he became an individual that had no idea what was happening to him until he was finally presented with the truth of it. The way his mannerisms changed throughout the movie was great since he’s always been the type of character that has been able to move quickly, talk quickly, and keep people on their toes since this is just the way he is.

But as he started taking on the more fly-like characteristics it was seen in the way he acted and reacted to the world around him, and it was perfect.  The whole horror aspect of this movie didn’t really start to kick in for a while until further into the movie, obviously after he’d been transported from one pod to the next, but well after he believed that his invention had worked to perfection. He didn’t even question his enhanced strength, the mood swings and lack of an attention span, or the fact that he could do things that he might never have been able to do before, like the gymnastics exhibition he put on at one point while swinging from one of the pipes in his apartment. Yeah, if someone wakes up and starts engaging in that kind of activity with no prior training, there might be an issue that needs to be figured out.  But as his deterioration progressed he became even more agitated until he finally started losing pieces of himself, at which point he started taking the warning seriously, even though it was far too late to do much of anything since the process was likely irreversible no matter how much time and effort he put in to find a way to cure himself.

The blending of DNA likely doesn’t work this way if at all, but for a science fiction movie, it feels adequate since a lot of people bought into it for the sake of the movie and were perfectly content to be grossed out for the cost of admission. When you look back at this movie it’s actually impressive to think that the practical effects are still seen as pretty cool and are still capable of grossing out those that have been raised on such things and have been able to see through CGI effects that are at times quite realistic. The Fly is one of those great movies that might have slipped the minds of a lot of people at this point but is still easy enough to remember when it comes to the main point of the movie and the disgusting but impressive effects that went into it.  Rebooting it might be a mistake, but it might also be kind of interesting to see what might come of it and what a director with a great deal of ambition could do if they were given the permission to make it happen. If nothing else it would be a great attempt at seeing if anything could be improved upon and if a reboot might be able to update this great movie and bring something that might be a little more relatable to the audiences of today.

There’s nothing to say that might indicate that this version of the movie wasn’t effective since it’s the type of movie that one can honestly say is worth keeping in mind and that might not be possible to improve upon. But it’s definitely worth the effort to see if it can happen, and to see if it might be within the power of a director and their crew to come up with something that might pay homage to this movie in a way that would be impressive to look upon.  It’s definitely not an attempt to make something that would show up this movie in any way, but a reboot could possibly come upon the results of this movie decades later and continue the work of Goldblum’s character, or perhaps something else could happen that would duplicate this experiment. However it had to happen, this feels like it would be a fun attempt at something that might bear fruit if whoever was behind the camera was willing to follow the framework that was left behind by this movie. I’d be willing to see it just to take a look. 

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