The Five Best Jeff Goldblum Movies of His Career

Jeff Goldblum is a favorite even if he’s not seen for a while since he’s got the kind of attitude and carefree spirit that lets him be the kind of guy you’d love to pal around with and simply be yourself around. He actually had plans to be a jazz pianist if acting didn’t work out, and he’s displayed that talent during an episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent, when he took his act to TV for a while. But throughout everything he’s been the fun guy that can act serious but still looks as though he might say something incredibly sarcastic but well-meant all the same. In many regards Jeff is the kind of person that you expect a lot from but at the same time would be just as grateful he came on screen a couple of times a year just to say ‘Hey, I’m still here.’ Honestly, this guy is just one of the best that Hollywood has to offer.

Here are some the best movies from his career.

5. Vibes

This movie gets forgotten so often that it’s hard to find at times, but it’s also one I remember from my childhood since it was a lot of fun and was the acting debut of Cyndi Lauper. It’s also a movie that shows just how much fun and how utterly sarcastic Jeff can be since he plays the role of a psychic that can tell what’s happened in the past by touching an object and ‘reading’ the things that have happened to it, with it, or have been done its general vicinity. This kind of ability seems like it would be interesting but it’s also something that might creep a lot of people out since you can just imagine walking into a hotel room. Yeah, the mind quails.

4. Thor: Ragnarok

Quite honestly it was a surprise to think that he was going to be in a superhero movie since honestly it’s not a role that he seems accustomed to. But they did find him the perfect role as the Grandmaster since he got to be playful, sarcastic, and was allowed to use his wit to a great extent. Obviously he’s not the most powerful character in the story but he was one of the more influential ones since no one up until Thor had opposed the Grandmaster and he had a veritable army to call upon in his defense. But given that the movie kind of derailed from the source material it was picking apart he might not have had this role if they’d stuck to the comics. Still, he was a fun character.

3. Independence Day

Ever notice in a movie how someone speaks sense to those in charge and is never listened to? And yet when they’re proven right, as in aliens blowing up and killing a large chunk of humanity, they’re still not listened to since they ‘just got lucky’. David was the only one that figured out that the aliens were going to attack and was quick to try and tell someone but of course wasn’t listened to since he had a history with the president of the United States and it wasn’t a pleasant one. But when he managed to convince the president of the danger they were all in things got done quickly since an imminent threat such as this was just too much to stand still for. But hey, letting spaceships come to rest with an obvious opening over major cities and landmarks was perfectly okay, right?

2. Jurassic Park

Ian is kind of the wildcard character in this film since he’s all about chaos and is firmly against the idea of cloning dinosaurs and using them as an attraction. You can’t blame the guy since using added DNA to the old fossilized stuff that was found gave these new ‘dinosaurs’ capabilities that they might not have had otherwise. But trying to cage them and make them into docile attractions sounds like an even worse idea since according to what scientists have stated these were wild animals that never knew mankind and had no reason to fear them at all. The only thing scarier than the movie is that some people seem tempted to try this.

1. The Fly

Vincent Price did it first but Jeff Goldblum was a decidedly great choice to reinvigorate the old tale since he was reaching the height of his acting prowess and did a great job as the mad scientist that would have been vindicated but for one thing: he didn’t check to make certain that his workspace was entirely cleared of all obstructions. Think about it, when your body is being deconstructed at the atomic level and then put back together, the addition of anything else in the process is bound to make things go a bit awry.

He’s one of the best actors in Hollywood at this point but it still feels like he’s taken for granted sometimes.

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