The Top Five Movies Involving The Cast Of Ghostbusters: Afterlife

The highly anticipated Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie will finally make its way into theaters and this list will revisit great films that feature the core cast of the latest reboot. This time, Afterlife focuses on a single mother and her children, who happen to discover that they have an important connection to the original Ghostbusters. This article will only focus on live-action features, so don’t expect films like WALL-E, Sausage Party, or Toy Story to be on the list. Let’s get started with the first movie.

Role Models

Yes, I’m well aware that Paul Rudd has been integral part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; however, how many articles do you need to tell you how great Avengers Endgame is? One of the more underrated films in Rudd’s filmography is Role Models, a crude comedy about two immature adults who are forced to do a mentoring program after trashing a company truck. Despite the R rating, Role Models wisely doesn’t rely on grotesque or vile humor. Instead, the film actually tells a solid story that ultimately develops both Rudd and Sean William Scott’s character. The fun premise provides some genuinely funny moments along the way; however, the comedic moments never get in the way of the overall narrative. Role Models won’t be listed as the most original comedy you’ll ever see, but that doesn’t mean you won’t laugh throughout its 90 plus minute runtime.

Gone Girl

This 2014 crime thriller adaptation not only manages to perfectly explore the themes Gillian Flynn expertly conveyed in her novel, but it subverts expectations that often plagues the “who done it” type films. Not surprisingly, David Fincher’s style fits the world of Gone Girl like a glove, with the veteran filmmaker’s beautiful imagery, engrossing characters, and compelling narrative showcasing his talent as a director once again. Rosamund Pike steals the show as the highly intelligent, but deranged Amy Dunne. However, the entire cast shines here, and though Carrie Coon doesn’t have a meaty role like Pike, her character does an excellent job of humanizing her brother Nick. The dark ending of Nick being forced to be the perfect husband that Amy desires is a cruel reality that lingers after the credits roll.


A rare remake that does an excellent job of improving upon the original, yet changing some elements of the story that prevent it from being a carbon copy. The 2017 version of Pennywise is updated to look more terrifying and the film is all the better for it. Bill Skarsgard plays the Stephen King villain to perfection and the imagery is pretty striking and more importantly, haunting. It wisely focuses on the bond of the kids, and thankfully, the core cast is stacked with tremendous and likeable actors. Despite the movie being about a group of kids dealing with a supernatural murderous clown, the film never comes across as cartoonish because the layered performances keep the world rooted in reality. It chooses storytelling and scares over unnecessary violence and body count, proving that blood and gore isn’t necessary to make a great horror movie.


Ray doesn’t particularly deviate from the generic autobiographic formula; however, there’s no denying that the story of Ray Charles is an engrossing one. Ray turns out to be such a great film because of the commanding presence of Jamie Foxx. The actor doesn’t just play the legendary artist, he perfectly embodies the spirit and soul of Ray Charles. Because of Jamie Foxx’s tremendous performance, he transcends the autobiography past the tired trappings of its tropes and proves why he deserves his 2005 Academy Award for Best Actor. Ray touches on the subject’s life with sensitivity and care, yet it doesn’t shy away from the struggles that often plagued the musician’s iconic career. While there are certain intriguing aspects that the film glosses over, Ray is still a touching tribute to such a colorful character.

Groundhog Day

One of the original movies that defined Bill Murray’s career before Ghostbusters was even a thing. Groundhog Day tells the simple story of a weatherman trapped in a time loop that sees him relive the same day over and over again; however, the premise is just a backdrop for the evolution of Phil and the lessons he learns as he grows as a human being. Groundhog Day manages to be fun, compelling, and heartwarming thanks to the great cast of characters and the unique situation that’s explored to great effect. A classic film that manages to convey its important themes without over relying on the time loop gimmick.

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