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Anthology movies can be a lot of fun since they often tell various stories that may or may not be connected and end up keeping audiences on their toes since one never really knows which story is going to shock them the most or if every story is going to rock them in an emotional manner one after the other.

The V/H/S movies have already made it quite clear that anything and everything can happen since their content is the type of stuff that’s built to scare the hell out of people or make them laugh since some of the stories have been a bit ridiculous. This current installment isn’t that different from the others, apart from eschewing the need to keep to an overarching narrative that is seen to occur throughout the entire movie.

In a way, that does work with this movie since it gives the feeling that it gives more agency to each individual story, making it feel that each story has its own level of importance without having to conform to a guiding story that comes and goes at various intervals throughout the movie. In this manner, it’s easier to get into each story, no matter how short they are. 

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The same stupid decisions are made quite often in each story, but that’s what makes them easy to watch. 

The same dumb decisions that people make in a slew of horror movies are made in this one as well, but it’s tough to really tax this movie for such a thing since the truth is that this is a part of what makes a horror movie great considering that if no one made bad decisions that the movie would turn out far different.

But the decisions made in this movie are nothing short of horrendous since they’re not just stupid decisions, they’re selfish and cruel at times as well, which is to be expected given that horror movies do have a lot to do with poor decisions and the consequences that come with them.

But where this movie ends up making sense is that the antagonists do end up receiving their comeuppance, and it’s usually something terrible enough that can satisfy the audience since a couple of the fates are fairly terrible. 

It’s very easy to choose who to root for since many of the characters are just that horrible. 

There’s no denying that the characters in this movie are either horrible or just plain stupid since quite a few of them serve as antagonists in some way. Even those who are apparently innocent don’t really come across as the types of characters that someone might want to root for since they’re either easily corrupted or they don’t appear capable of thinking for themselves. But again, that’s part of the allure since these types of stories are fun, given that there is no easy way out, if there is one at all.

The characters in this story make a lot of typical mistakes that one just doesn’t do in a horror movie if they expect to survive, such as disrespecting the dead, pretending to be someone they’re not, doing something suspect to appease others, and taking part in something that they’re better of not knowing about.

Whatever happens in each story, it’s very easy to take a look at just about everyone and shake your head since not a single one of them really shows an abundance of intelligence. It’s too amusing to describe fully. 

V/H/S/99 (2022) - IMDb

credit: V/H/S/99

Opting to bring mythology into this movie was a fun idea.

In truth, the last two stories are the most mythologically inclined since, like it or not, ghost stories are myths, but they have been taken to such a degree that these days they’re far more mainstream than many realize. The presence of a gorgon in one of the stories is intriguing since it brings up the idea of whether their power to turn people to stone can make its way through an internet connection, which might sound insane but is still an intriguing idea.

But when she rips her victims apart and then petrified two of them in person it clings to the overall idea of what a gorgon is and does, which was kind of nice. The trip into hell made by two individuals who were trying to capture a summoning ritual on camera was all kinds of crazy, but it was also something that played into the idea of the anthology like everything else. In other words, these stories were  

This is one of the better installments in this franchise. 

The other movies weren’t that bad at all, but this one was a great deal of fun that used the same style of filming and storytelling but somehow brought the intensity down just enough to make it fun while keeping the jump scares that people love. While all of these movies have been interesting, to be honest, this current installment is one of those that people might feel is like comfort food, it hits the right spots and leaves one satisfied. 

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