The Illusion of Elite Storytelling: How It Affects Creativity and the Entertainment Industry

The Illusion of Elite Storytelling: How It Affects Creativity and the Entertainment Industry

Is there such a thing as elite storytelling? Some would no doubt think so, especially since a lot of stories do flow a lot better than others, and many do capture the attention of the intended audience. But the truth is that storytelling is meant to be a craft and a profession that many people think they can accomplish, while the reality of this matter is that a percentage of people who attempt to write are gifted enough to make it work, while others tend to learn the hard way and either become what some would call elite, or end up telling stories that are acceptable but still aren’t quite as effective.

Hey, some people make a very good living this way, but the unfortunate part is that those who take on the label of ‘elite’ or are given this designation aren’t always worthy of such a title. Smart individuals tend to be those who don’t seek to be elite or even associate themselves with this term. But there are plenty of individuals that do happen to enjoy the status that this can bring them, and in the process become a little more conceited than is necessary.

5. It offers a false sense of security.

One thing that anyone should be able to learn in this world is that as good as anyone is or can be at anything, there will come a time when they’ll be supplanted and overtaken by someone else that’s on their way up in the same industry. In the entertainment industry, there are literally thousands if not millions of people with a dream that are on their way up, and out of those, maybe hundreds will manage to succeed on their path to fame.

The industry is a tough one that takes the best people who have the most impressive skill and either lift them up or breaks them as they attempt to hang in and find their voice. There’s little to no real security in this business other than the constant need to wow the audience and hope that they’ll be pleased.

4. Elitism is an illusion that people tell themselves to hide a lack of talent.

Once someone is given the key to greatness and is dubbed elite, it’s fair to say that more and more will be expected of that person since, to exist at the top, one will have to prove that one can sustain the kind of talent that managed to get them there in the first place.

The need to perform at that level over and over is draining and exhausting and isn’t going to treat anyone kindly if they happen to slip at any given moment. There is a chance to become a legend and thus be forgiven for quite a bit, but if the talent isn’t really there, then it will show quickly since trying to come up with one story after another is not as simple for some as it is for others.

3. Creativity isn’t meant to be contained in any way.

Unfortunately, creativity is contained quite often, and it’s crafted in a way that plays more to the ego of the storyteller than the desires of the fans. In some ways, this works, and it brings to life a story that might have otherwise been ignored, but in other cases, cramming a story into a mold that Hollywood deems worthwhile is kind of, well, limiting.

It might sound like something a purist would say and could be seen as something that might attract the biggest audience. The sad part is that in trying to get the biggest audience and seek the almighty dollar, creativity is sacrificed a little too often.

2. Lording one’s status over others when it comes to entertainment

The upside is that there aren’t a lot of people that do this in the entertainment industry, at least not in a manner that makes them stand out. But the act of lording one’s talent and status over others means that one might be a great storyteller, but they’re a garbage person that doesn’t respect the point of telling a great tale.

Entertainment has done a great deal to shape civilization, whether people want to believe it or not since without some form of entertainment, it’s very likely that the world we know would be an extremely boring place that might not hold enough wonder to tell a simple nursery rhyme. But being able to tell a story that caters to one audience or another doesn’t mean that the storyteller needs to believe that they’re more important than the story.

1. Elitism isn’t the real problem, it’s what it’s come to mean to various people.

At the end of the day, being elite isn’t such a bad thing, but thinking that it makes a person any better than anyone else is enough to make a lot of people cringe. Being an elite writer, or being considered one, isn’t that big of a deal to some folks, but the fact is that some allow such a label to go to their heads, and as a result, creativity tends to suffer in a very big way.

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